Your Powerstyle for the New Year

Christina in Marrakesch
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with black vinyl pants from Arcanum in Marrakesh Morocco

Present yourself! Be bold! Be happy!

It would be a bad joke if we didn`t kick off the year 2019 in a shiny manner, wouldn`t it?

What are your plans for the new year? I`m sure you have a lot and that you left anything boring in the old year. Who, if no we ourselves, should spread energy and power??

Who should spread joy, optimism and creativity if not we??

Let`s get on with it now, even if it`s tempting to stay on the cozy couch. If we want change, then it`s time to start now. Isn`t it an amazing goal to try and get even more self assertive every year?  To believe in ourselves even more each year and to get even more bold year after year, because change without fun is no use to anyone.

Last year`s problems and trouble represent the hotbed for our development. I had to learn not to be devastated by negative comments. The more followers, the more haters….can`t do without! I have come to take the bickering as a compliment. After all, it takes a lot of energy to fuss about something.

Can criticism slow us down? On the opposite!! It`s supposed to push us. Something pulls you down like a slingshot and then it goes BANG! And off you fly into the universe…nobody can stop you.  If everyone just tells you what you want to hear, nothing happens… Then you are happy with the situation as it is. You don`t grow.

From chipping come chips.

So now let`s sand and refine ourselves like a raw diamond. What happens when you polish a diamond?

It shines like a bright star. Which color would you like to be? Since our topic today is power, I chose red.

Red symbolizes power, enery, fire, heat, life, energy and courage.

Sounds like a volcano, like lava, doesn`t it?  Don`t we all wish we were a bit like liquid lava everyone  moves away from?

Put on something red and think of these very words.  Automatically, you will radiate more power and confidence. You won`t recognize yourself. Why? Because you didn`t think you had it in you. Try and observe other people`s reactions.

Which color is a perfect match for red? Elegant black, of course, what do you think?  

Here goes the list of recipes for 2019 again:

  • power
  • confidence
  • strong colors
  • glamour
  • last year`s problems are our hotbed
  • fun

And off we go into our power year.

Be unique and shine!

Yours truly,


Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with black vinyl pants from Arcanum in Marrakesh Morocco

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  • RMS says:

    Another thought provoking and upbeat post. As you say, unless we are challenged we cannot grow. As for me this year is about creativity and self assurance!

  • TP says:

    Christina you are such an inspiration!

    I think it is amazing that vinyl has become more mainstream for women but It is still really difficult for a man to wear it in public.

    Do you have any tips? I have a top and trousers but not sure how people would react if I walked around dressed like that.


    • Thank you very much for your comment. I have many male friends who like to wear vinyl pants. They wear them especially on parties or when they got out in the club. This is the most easy way to go out in shiny clothes for the beginning. They like to wear classical shirts or Blazer. I also like to combine sportive pieces like sneakers or modern shirts. I wish you good luck and a lot of fun with your shiny pants. Life is too short to wait too long to wear them.