3 Steps to becoming the captain of your soul

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How you can run things instead of them running you!

We used to have fun being late to school and finding silly excuses for doing so no one wold believe anyway.

The bus was late….

My mom had car trouble…

One leg of my jeans fell off …

My neighbor tripped me up….

One student even told a story of his horse dropping dead…

15 minutes later, another student came and said he stumbled across a dead horse…He was in for some trouble.

There are soooooo many excuses in the world. It`s always someone else`s fault. Some even blame their misery on the world.

Those people will never be successful.

They will never be successful because they don`t take responsibility for their life. The key to being successful is taking complete responsibility for everything that has to do with you!

That`s what makes you charismatic. That`s what makes you convincing.

Successful people always apologize, even for being late, even though it`s not their fault.

That`s what makes people like them.

If you set straight, realistic goals with this attitude, your chances of successfully reaching them are much higher.

Set straight and high goals for yourself. Very successful people always aim at the maximum, even if they have their minimum in mind.

If your goals are too low, you will avoid anyting that you don`t associate with your goal. If you want to read more about this issue in detail, klick on this link:

DEAL by Jack Nasher

So let`s sum up once more:

1. Be charismatic! Take charge for your actions and apologize even if others are to blame. This males you even more charismatic and it will be easier for you to convince others.

2. Set straight, high goals! The clearer your goals are, the more you can achieve.

3. Create your surroundings and set the tone! Only wishes that are clearly outlined can become true. Specify them now before others do so for you.You are the captain of your surroundings, not others. Everyone owns their actions. Do not avoid yourself and think it will all fall into place. Not luck will be knocking on your door, but pure void. Start spelling out your wishes now and it`s best to write them down. The more concrete you are, the higher the possibility of them coming true.

Take a step in the right direction every day and flabbergast people with your charm. They will open new doors for you on their own.

Don`t hesitate.

I`m off to my next appointment. Hopefully, I won`t trip over a dead horse….

Stay unique and shiny!

Yours truly,


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