New Summer Shine!

Christina Vanillapearl in Porec
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit schwarzer Lackhose in Istrien Santa Marina

Be number one and show yourself!

The kork shoots out of the champagne bottle with a loud BANG!!!

I`m aiming for the glasses but half of it lands on my vinyl pants. Never mind, it`s party time today! Champagne doesn`t hurt the pants, on the opposite,  it makes them shine even more!

Why are we celebrating? Because today is Wedesday and the sun is shining. Or because we`re just feeling the vibe. You should always be part crazy. Boring is tomorrow!

This is my mission. My mission is good vibes and fun. And what goes better with this motto than shiny clothes, champagne and loud, nonchalant laughter.

Those moments are much more important than we think. They gives us the strength, the joy and the inspiration for our everyday lives.

Join me on my journey of joy, trust and intuition.

And just to make sure that your friends won`t overlook you, you should make a clear statment with your outfit.

After all, you are somebody, right?

Show yourself, be a daredevil and laugh about yourself. Others can be serious for you.

Here are my September styles. They make champagne taste sooooo much better!

Be unique and shiny!

Yours truly,


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  • ouanes says:

    je remercie tout honneur tout plaisir je envoyer tout plaisir d invitation a toi plus plaisir connaitre de bien saluts

  • Roff Smith says:

    Indeed! Never has there been a better time to be shiny and expressive and look past the gloom all around!

  • I love this vegetable beef soup! You’ll have to come back and tell me what you think after you try it!