How I got over my false modesty.

Christina Striewski Vanillapearl Modedesignerin

When we started our fashion label, we had to invest a lot. Surely, those of you in the industry know what I`m talking about.

On top of that, costs were 20% higher than our estimate. Shit…

There were times I went shopping and my bank card wasn`t working. Oh. I must have forgotten my PIN, ok,…it`s potatoes and herring again.

Somehow, we made it in the years to come. Looking back, I don`t even know how we did it. And now here`s the thing:

We got used to this state of being. We settled for things to somehow work out. Human nature. Nothing changed. Life was a long and river. We kept working the hamster wheel.

3 years ago, Ralph gave me a book. I had plenty of time to read. There was covid, after all. This one sentence hit me: Are you ready to receive? Wow, I had never asked myself that. To receive what?

Anything you want, an inner voice spoke to me. There was no limit. We set our limits mentally. We settle for less. It`s what we think it is. Why not just wild out? Have visions, dreams…? To not settle for the „nothing“ we have.

It registered and everything changed within a year. Ralph and I looked into each other`s eyes and wondered. Are we ready to receive a lot? YES, why not! We told each other every day. We didn`t hope anymore, we started having faith, that so much more is possible. We started believing in each other.

Now, nothing is like it was. Strange things happened. New people came into our lives. Our bank account was magically operating in the black. New ideas were born. New ideas became an obsession. We stopped hoping. We knew our ideas would manifest. Mental limitations disappeared and were replaced by an open mind.

Are you ready? Then all you need is to breathe some faith and obsession into your ideas. You faith will tranform the fence we`ve built around ourselves into infinity.

  • Roff Smith says:

    So true. I had a similar realisation earlier this year, found new focus and funnily enough things started falling into place! It’s all happening!

  • Bill says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It comes to me at a very important moment.

  • Bill Holden says:

    I think Covid allowed a lot of us to finally see the wood through the trees ( English phrase don’t know if it translates ) but the very best of luck and goodwill to you. Hope your presence on line continues though as you are inspiring and beautiful. Good luck Bill