Vegan Leather Variations – Black and Red

Fake leather variations with vinyl skirt and leather pants, Christina, Vanilla Pearl

Faux Leather Variations – from Nice to Naugthy

Spicy variations – but alway VEGAN!

That I lean towards faux leather, which you should have noticed by now, has turned into a lively discussion among my friends and followers. I have never expected that.
Can you wear shiny PVC leggings during the day or not?
Can a pair of faux leather pants be too shiny?
Can you walk down the street wearing leather from top to button without being harassed?
Why not?
What Do you think?

red faux leather dress Vanilla Pearl

At a party with friends in a red leather dress?

Stars and celebrities are allowed to wear that. Of course it causes a stir when the usually sweet Veronica Ferres appears as Lara Croft in a black leather catsuit. Or have you ever seen Kim Kardashian wearing anything else than leather and latex? So what the heck, I love this material and I am very fortunate that I can design and make this wonderful fashion by myself.
Would you put on a red leather dress and go to a party with your friends?
I definitely wear anything I want, where ever I go to. I just feel fabulous wearing leather.
Why should only the fabulous feel fabulous?

Christina, Vanilla Pearl wearing red shiny vinyl leggings and grey leather trenchcoat

To wear leather feels wonderful – just try it!

Unfortunately you can´t feel the leather reading a blog article. It feels wonderful to wear this shiny smooth material and combine it with classic pieces. I experimented and combined my leather creations during one afternoon and one evening. The longer the evening lasted the spicier the combinations got. Have a look.


Outfit #1 (well behaved): Red leather pants with different tops

You can combine this red leather pants with a wide sweater or depending on where you go to, with other white tops. You can defuse the pants wearing a wide sweater reaching over the butt, or you even combine it with a leather top. For the first outfit I have chosen a double-ply lace top, an Arcanum prototype which unfortunately never was produced.

Christina, Vanilla Pearl, with red leather pants and white lace top from Arcanum Fashion

Oufit #2 (still well behaved) – Red leather pants with white leather top

To add a little more spice to the outfit, I chose a white leather top, own creation, all vegan or faux leather of course. It does not shine very much and does not call attention on first glance. You decide, what you would choose, the leather top, the lace top or the wide sweater maybe?

Christina, Vanilla Pearl, red leather pants, apple and white leather top

Oufit #3 (fairly provocative) – Red shiny vinyl skirt – with shiny black sweater and overknees

Sweet red pleated skirts have already delighted our grandmas. Most probably they would have tipped out of their rocking chair seeing this outfit. But there are also grandmas, who love crazy fashion. I´m thinking of my mother for example. To provide an adequate stage for the the red vinyl skirt I chose my favorite black suede overkness and a black shiny sweater for the combination. Here´s the result.
And don´t take all that experiments too serious, I just love to try out something crazy.

Christina, Vanilla Pearl, red vinyl skirt, black suede overknees and shiny Theory sweater

Outfit #4 (provocative – or not?) – the transition from well behaved to naughty – the red leather dress.

This dress I made out of a metallic shining fake leather fabric. It has a classic cut, but the shiny material makes it a little bit provocative. The tighter the dress fits, the more spectacular it looks. Wearing a long cardigan with it would defuse the look, but unfortunately I didn´t have a matching cardigan at hand, so it´s up to your imagination.
Here is the look, plain without the cardigan.
What would you wear with it, boots or high heels?

Christina, Vanilla Pearl, red vegan leather dress - Arcanum Fashion

Outfit #5 (definitely provocative) – Trenchcoat dark grey with red shiny vinyl leggings

If you choose leather jeggings or black vinyl pants in black, you find yourself in good company with stars and celebs. If you however choose another color like a pair of red vinyl leggings, you definitely make a statement. Colors have an effect, even if we don´t realize it at once. A pair of skin tight red PVC leggings that shines is a clear message! Look, here I am, no one gets past me. I want to be noticed! A clear statement.
With this outfit I certainly wouldn´t go shopping at the local grocery store, would you?  But I´ll wear it at the next party for sure.

Christina, Vanilla Pearl in red vinyl leggings and dark grey leather trenchcoat - Arcanum Fashion

Outfit #6 – The ultimative provocation – black leather and a pink fur coat.

Are you addicted to instagram, like I am? As first action in the morning, even before the first coffee, I check my instagram account and can´t expect it so see how the last foto has performed. And I love comments like Alexandras comment, writing, that she loves wearing leather and feels sexy going out wearing leather and high heels.

Leather pants, leather top and a pink fur coat was one of the outfits most liked in Instagram and this is the last and most provocative outfit of this series. On the fotos you can see how I enjoyed shooting and wearing these kind of clothes, feeling ultimately sexy, like Alexandra. Shooting these outfits is pure fun and I can´t manage to look cool like models on the catwalk – it´s too much fun and I want you to feel the joy of living a magic life!

Christina, Vanilla Pearl, black fake leather pants and top and pink fur coat Christina in schwarzen Lederleggings, schwarzes Ledertop, Fellmantel Living 030116-21-2

Thanks for reading this far down the article – do you have any comments or a different opinion? Do want your girlfriend or spouse to wear this kind of fashion. Just write me your opinion, I love to hear from you.



Christina, Vanilla Pearl, black fake leather outfit, vegan leather

  • Mark says:

    The six steps are amazing! Your designs are out of this world!  I would love for my fiancée to wear outfit number six in public. I would be so proud of her! I know that a lot of people will stare at her and she will get remarks for being too sexy. Christina, do you (or hear of other women that wear PVC) get remarks in the public? How do you respond to it? Any tips?