3 Super Styles for Spring

Christina mit roter Lederjacke von Arcanum
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit roter Kunstlederjacke und grauer Lackleggings, beides von Arcanum

Pimp up your style! This is the perfect time for change. A few small things will sufficiently stir up our style.

Watch yourself from a different angle. We tend to think too much inside the box. Who says this is right and that`s wrong? Can`t we decide for ourselves? Who says we can`t step up our game?

What would you like to change about your style? Unless you think your style is already perfect and you`ll never want to change it? How boring…

I love to take a whiff of the future. What trends are coming up? What will the celebs and socialites be wearing in LA in the next 6 months? What will you like in the future? Which statements do you want to make?

These anticipations, visions, dreams, all of those images are merging into a work of art of ist own. Something yet to be born. Many times it`s just a detail you change, but this detail changes everything.

That`s why I tell you:

Step up your game!

It won`t just make you perfect, but unique!

It`s like a spotlight that brightens up the stage. Become a glowing ball that shines from within and from without.

Flabbergast others by setting yourself apart from the rest. If you`re already doing so, then put some ooompf in it! That way you will re-flabbergast the others.

Dealing with ourselves a little every day is well worth it. A bit of glamor here and an extra smile there. The effect is remarkable. And when have we ever had as much time as now?

Rising an inch or 2 above yourself is fun. Or even pretending to do so. The mere imagination of it will get something started.

So let`s become the stage for our surroundings. You`re in the limelight. Because there`s only one you! The world revolves around you!

Stay unique and shiny!

Yours truly,


Shop the style:
All Jackets and pants are from Arcanum
Shoes, bags and sunglasses are from Modafein Fashion Store in Starnberg

Red leather jacket from Arcanum
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with red leather jacket from Arcanum
Blue leather jacket from Arcanum
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with blue leather jacket from Arcanum
  • Roff says:

    Great post! I’m quite enjoying my personal style and the glorious sense of self expression that comes with it. It’s immensely satisfying. As a side note, a few years ago I was at the South Pole on an assignment for National Geographic. I went to the marker itself, at 90ºS precisely, and as I stood there enjoying the thrill of being at the South Pole I realised that at that moment, the world really DID revolve around me!

    • Dear Roff, Thank you very much for your comment. WOW this sounds really interesting. What a special moment. The perfect place to feel this very strong. Have a nice week,