Hi, I´m Christina and I LOVE to experiment and to create.

With all my passion I´m married mother, fashion designer and cook.
I want to create something new every day because I hate boredom!
And I have another passion – shiny clothes!
Since I have discovered vinyl and all the other shiny materials, I create everything you can wear out of shiny materials.
Since many many years, the kitchen is my laboratory which inspires me every day.

My life changed since I started to create and experiment with shiny clothes and exotic cooking!

I want to share this experience with you.
I want to help you to live an exciting and inspired life.

Are you looking for inspiration, for glamorous styling, exotic food or other inspiration?

Discover the lust to wear shiny clothes, that make you strong and independent! 

Discover how to create new sensual pleasures in the kitchen!

Discover how you attract interesting new friends by changing your style and enjoying shiny clothes!

It took a long time until I got to the point where I could enjoy and create every day like I do it now.
It took many small steps to get to this point and it was worth it.

Would you love to explore new paths in life?
Would you dare to experiment with a new shiny styling?

Join our community and make life a little bit more exciting every day!

I´m excited to get in contact with you


VanillaPearl – BLOG FOR AN EXCITING LIFE by Christina, the designer and owner of ARCANUM FASHION