Turning doubts to joy in 5 steps

Christina in Santorini
Christina Striewski Vanilla pearl in Santorini with leather pants from Arcanum , overknees for Public Desire and an off shoulder blouse

Let`s get rid of negative thoughts and radiate together!

Can I pay all of my bills?

Hopefully I won`t get the flu…

Others are better than me…

Others are more beautiful….

My boss is a bitch and so on…

Did I catch you?

Don`t we always have some kind of worries and doubts?

Something could always happen….

Someone is always better than us…

Someone`s always bothering us.

This must stop!

If we keep thinking about problems they will grow because we give them energy.

When my kids were little and took turns screaming at night for a while, I was  totally down and out. I was suffering from lack of sleep and I was feeling worse by the hour.

I told a friend of mine whose children were older and she said to me:

If you make it an issue it will be an issue!

I couldn`t believe my ears. Instead of giving me advice on how to soothe small children, I got this.

I had to think.

As I trusted her, I tried to internalize her advice and to not constantly ponder it. It was hard for me, but in due time I managed to focus on other positive things.

Now I can say she was right. Time solved the problem on its own and a few weeks later, they all slept a lot better.

Not all problems solve themselves. But if we don`t  constantly worry about them, they stop looking like a humongous mountain.

This experience has changed my life.

When I was walking with a backache lately, I caught myself cussing under my breath.

Stop, I told myself. Focus on positive thoughts. With disclipline I forced myelf to turn my thoughts into joy and confidence. I felt better.

Our surroundings can smell our thoughts.

An example we all know is when we face a dog and are scared.

The dog can feel it.

The dog can smell it,

And boom! He is the superior one. Is this what we want? If we believe in ourselves, others will do so, too.

Here are my 5 simple tips on how to transform doubts and insecurities into strength.

  1. Write down your concerns. Transform them and write down your wishes regarding this issue on the other side of the sheet of paper.An example: You write „My boss is getting on my nerves on the left side. You write on the right side, I wish my boss would show more respect and appreciation for my work. This is exactly how you transform negative thoughts into positive ones.
  2. Practise small details every day. If you catch yourself getting upset about someone, say stop! Transform this thought into a positive wish.
  3. Assign yourself tasks. Is there something you don`t dare to do? Like leaving the house in shiny clothes? Telling the neighbors to cut the hedge? Master these tasks and just do it! It will make you grow.
  4. Show energy! Show yourself! If you enter a room insecurely and unremarkably, no one will notice you and no one will listen to you. Radiate with energy before you open the door. Act as if this was your stage performance. People will beam at you the way you beam at.
  5. Take risks without hesitation. After a few days of practise, you will notice that your thoughts will get more and more positive. Now you can take a step further. Plan your appearance. What do you have to say? In which direction do you want to go? Go out in your favorite outfit and be self-confident! If someone looks at you funny, then look this person directly in the eye and do not hesitate for one second. The more often you practise such situations, the stronger you will be and your doubts will dissolve like the fog when the sun rises.

You are the sun!

Start radiating now and filling up the shade with light!

Yours truly,



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Christina in Santorini

Christina in Santorini

Christina in Santorini