The Power Of Gloss – How Gloss Will Change Your Attitude.

Christina - VanillaPearl in Lackleggings und Lackmantel - Arcanum Fashion


Wearing shiny clothes makes you strong!

The rebirth of a siren.

Do you know these moments when your heart is overflowing?
You are so excited, that you can´t breathe!

What`s going on in these moments?

Imagine, you`re Odysseus and you`re sailing by some divine islands on your ship…suddenly, you hear infatuating chants that almost render you unconscious with lust and desire.
Your mind won`t be able to tell you why you are feeling like this.
Your heart is pounding, your fingers are shaking.
The chants are getting louder and are putting you in a trance-like state.
Odysseus had to resist, otherwise, the Sirens would have gotten a deadly hold of him.

Christina black vinyl leggings and Vinyl coat in Croatia - made by Christina

Gloss gives you power!!

Thank God we are not Odysseus, we can give in to temptation without losing our lives.
Would you like to be seductive like the Sirens?
Let`s try! Let`s try to enchant our fellow people a little every day, a little more every day.
Let`s shine from within and without.
Let`s amaze others.
Why not be a Siren?
Why not be a vamp?
Why not be a vampire?
A mop seduces no one.

Dress like a scarecrow and you will be invisible!!

When my kids were little, I would run around in a knitted sweater and a pukey cloth on my shoulder.
I had banned the word „seduction“ from my mind.
I was all about being a Mommy but a piece of the puzzle was missing.
What was that missing piece?
One day at breakfast, my husband asked me whether I was planning on running around in a knitted sweater for the rest of my life.
He thought it was as far from sexy as Lady Gaga from Mother Theresa.
What a shock! I had indeed forgotten about myself and about my aura and appeal.
I felt like an eco freak, just waiting to grow hair under my armpits up to my elbows.


I had turned into a plain Jane before my 30th birthday!
I`m a fashion designer and my husband was thinking of me as an old mop. This came as a total shock to me!

Time for action!

The next day, the hottest vinyl and leather fabric were under my sewing machine.
„HA-HA-HA!“, I was thinking to myself.

Brace yourselves! You`re all in for a surprise!

Christina - black vinyl pants and black vinyl coat - wearing glamour clothes made by Christina

Resurrection – from mop to Siren

Within 2-3 days I had designed and sewed 5 different models of vinyl pants.

It was a rebirth. I became a vamp and a vampire again.

I heard „Ah!“ and „Wow!“ left and right. I was thrilled.
As I wasn`t able to go out and party every night back then I started wearing the vinyl pants in bright daylight.
Why not!
Feel yourself!
Don`t forget about yourself.

Gloss makes people smile around you

Your fellow people will thank you.
You thrill people around you when you shine from within and without.
The more you shine from without, the stronger you will get.

Seduce people with little things!

Amaze them and let the Siren chants ring!

Shine and make the world a brighter place!!!

Enjoy being a siren!

The air will vibrate.

And it`s those moments that will turn you into a Siren in Odysseus` adventure.

Maybe he will go weak after all!

What are your experiences?



Vinyl trench coat: Made by Christina – similar here: Arcanum Trenchcoat Skin Neon
Vinyl leggings: Made by Christina – soon available on Arcanum Shop
Sonnenbrille: Michael Kors
Schuhe: Cesare Paciotti

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  • Mark says:

    When I wear my faux leather pants I feel wonderful! It’s so empowering! Shine forever!

  • mario f. prelz says:

    Fututa girl in ancient set. I like it.