The Magic of Glamour

Christina in Opatija
Christina in Opatija with black vinyl pants from Arcanum


How to make the world brighter by adding a little shininess

Let`s be quick and enjoy the last warm days and throw on some hot summer outfits.

Spectacular details such as an oversized hat, a shiny pair of shades or glossy heels perfect your style. They are the icing on the cake of your shiny performance.

We don`t always need magnificant occasions in order to shine. Every day we live is a spectacular event in itself if we top it off with a touch of magic. Let`s celebrate and shine every day. We celebrate ourselves and our surroundings.

When I got up this morning and took a look outside and noticed the dark, grey shades of the sky, I started bickering. I don`t feel like bad weather. I don`t feel like cold. I`d much rather slouch on my sofa and stare.


It get bored unless something unique happens every day. And since I don`t feel like permanent entertainment, I have decided to shape every day myself, to create something new each day and to redefine myself every day.

The feeling grew stronger every day. By daily practise, this feeling started developing a dynamics of its own. I don`t have to get over myself any more.

I am, so I create! Creo, ergo sum.

Create yourself!

Shape yourself because you are unique!

This may send a wave of warm gratitude running through your body.

Touch your face with your fingertips. What do you feel? I`m not talking about the stubbles on your chin, but your skin.

We are sensitive.

We feel.

What do you feel when you brush over some smooth vinyl fabric?

It feels like wet skin.

Let`s shine brightly and feel like a twinkling, shiny fish that swims about freely and lightly.

Glamour creates happiness!

Glamour creates joy!

Glamour ecstasizes us!

Glamour makes us dream.

A few details will not only make your heart beat faster, but also your fellow people`s hearts!

Do not bicker!

Bickering is out of season!

Let`s focus on positive things with discipline.

You have positive energy inside of you. Only you hold the key to turning on that positive energy.

Be happy about small things!

What do like the most about today?

The tits twittering in the garden? Your yummy breakfast? A nice phonecall? The living-room you have just neatly made up? Or your outfit of the day?

I love pure glamour. It makes people smile. They enjoy shininess. And besides, it feels just heavenly and works wonders for your figure!

Do you feel likewise?

Let`s make the world shine more bit by bit.

Everything is in everything!

„Friedrich Nietzsche“

A small detail can make a big difference. Celebrate yourself!

Turn your surroundings into your stage. Verbalize your desires!

Smile and turn this day into a wonderful and shiny event.

Yours truly



Here are my shiny styles in Opatija, Kroatien 


– black vinyl pants by Arcanum

– blue vinyl pants, prototype made by Vanillapearl

– blue vinyl skirtkrock, prototype made by Vanillapearl

– white leather top, prototyp made by Vanillapearl

– turquoise shades by Michael Kors

– blue shades by RayBan

vinyl skirt made by Christina

Blue vinyl skirt made by Christina Striewski Vanillapearl

Blue vinyl pants from Arcanum

Black vinyl pants from Arcanum

Black vinyl pants from Arcanum

Christina in Opatija