Sparetime Can Make You Rich!

Christina with black vinyl pants
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with black vinyl pants in Dresden

Are you short on time?

Imagine being trapped in your own 4 walls.

You mustn`t leave them for 6 weeks.

What would your day be like?

Sleeping, watching TV, eating and reading a few books you have always wanted to read. Making phone calls, taking a few selfies?

Meditating and wondering about the meaning of life? You mediate until you figured it out? So it`s good you`re locked up.

And then?

Will you have an epiphany?

When my kids had graduated from highschool, a whole new episode of my life started. A major task that had accompanied me apart from my job for  many years of my life, was suddenly gone. Instantly, I had so much more time on my hands. How deluxe! But what to do with this gift?

I immersed myself into work and at some point, I realized I had less time than before. Instagram and facebook had swallowed me whole. It`s a part of my work, but I was badly organized. I was wasting time and become dissatisfied and ininspired. My creativity fell victim to my laboring.

I realized,

I don`t have any time to waste!

Now you are back in this room. Slowly, the walls start closing in on you.

They take your beath away. Banal activities and boredom paralize you. You start cursing.

I started to radically change my way of life. I only assigned 40 minutes a day to facebook and instagram. I drastically reduced my contact list so I won`t have to have unnecessary talks.

Imagine time is money. Someone puts a pile of bills into your hand and you turn them into paperplanes out of boredom and let them fly away through the window. At some point, this pile is gone and there you go again – bored as ever.

Wouldn`t it be better to stack up this pile?

We deal with this gift in a meaningful way by creating something with the help of it, design something or learn something. In this way, we will be richer at the end of  the day.

By now, I can focus on the gist of things due to my organization. On inspiration, learning and designing. It got to the point where there was more time left over in the end again after all. I`m not being swamped by this load of work. Creativity has taken over a big part again and I`m flooded by deep satisfaction.

Now let`s get to the ending of your story in this room:

What`s your daily routine like?

Yours truly,



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Christina with black vinyl pants

Christina with black vinyl pants from Arcanum