Christina - Vanilla Pearl - PVC leggings in Berlin - be magic!
Christina - Vanilla Pearl - PVC leggings in Berlin - be magic!

Why magic fashion just for women?

Guys, are you ready to dare going shiny?

Are you a guy? Have you ever dreamed of going out in shiny clothes?
Have you ever imagined how those shiny, smooth, silky pants would feel on your skin?

Surely not, have you?

You don`t even have to admit it – but obviously, you are not alone.

When I started my instagram account 3 years ago, I was planning on presenting shiny fashion exclusively for women.

I wanted to encourage women to wear bold, saucy fashion. What happened next was incredible.

Men wrote me and asked me if shiny vinyl pants for men were available at Arcanum fashion. They asked me how I would feel about seeing a man in shiny pants.

I would find it amazing. Men who had the guts to do so told me what a fantastic experience it was for them. Don`t worry, this is also the case for hetero males.

Imagine you slip on a pair of leather leggings and you `re enchanted because it feels so awesome and sexy.

This feeling can become reality!

When, if not NOW!

Who, if not YOU!

Start changing little details in your outfit today! Start today, or things will stay the same!

You`ve got what it takes and the self confidence to do it even more!

It`s time for your big performance!

Being considered gay for wearing a shiny top is yesterday`s news! Would you like to wait for others to start this trend? Life`s too short! Hedonists celebrate themselves and they are right to do so.

Christina in Lack Leggings mit blauer Wildlederjacke Hotel Pullm

Start with small steps today!

Change a small detail every day. You will see how you and your surroundings will change. Then wear the pants to a party and watch with a smile how people look at you. You may even attract other people. Try it!

Personally, I find it incredibly cool, sexy, stylish and trendy to see a man`s tight booty in some leather pants. I can barely keep myself from grabbing it! You don`t have to wear a vinyl catsuit to the grocery store right away. You can do that once you feel more confident.

Small details that we rearrange make our lives MAGIC.

A few months ago, during a short trip to Berlin, I was terrified to writhe/pose in a vinyl outfit on a couch in the lobby at 10am.

But since we urgently needed the pictures and our flight was scheduled in 2 hrs it was now or never! Grit your teeth and do it!

My husband and photographer Ralph was like: “The hallway is clear!” I ran out and got on the couch.

In this very second a whole crew complete with pilot and flight attendants stepped out of the elevator!

I was like: “Oh my god, what will their reaction be!”

What happened next was incredible. All of them, even the women, were thrilled and pleased and walked by with a smile. I wasn`t prepared for this. Too many times, we are worried about the looks other people give us.
Pullmann - Schwarzer Lack Trenchcoat - schwarze Lackleggings, Pullmann Berlin-91


What can possibly go wrong! Even if you do get a stupid reaction, so what!


I promise you:

Your life will get a little more exciting every day. It`s a containable risk and at the same time, it`s a major turn on!

If you were invited to a party tonight, which outfit would you choose?

Please try new things and tell me about your experiences! I`m thrilled and happy to hear about your little experiments!Christina in Lack Leggings mit blauer Wildlederjacke Hotel Pullm

  • Greg says:

    I am male and a wearer of shiny clothes, you can follow me on instagram.

  • Mark says:

    Fantastic blog post! I have a pair of faux leather, but I dont use them very often. But when I do, then I feel so powerful and sexy. It takes a lot of courage to wear them. For the next party I really want to wear them together with a slim fit shirt and a tie 🙂

  • Wow, Mark, that sounds really interesting. Would you mind to send me some pics of you in your leather pant? This will inspire me and all the other guys and gals. Thanks a lot and with hugs, Christina

  • Nik says:

    Wear shiny as much as I can ,love to show you , but not sure how

  • Kai says:

    Hi Christina
    And thanks, now i have 2 wonderful pants and waiting new shiny vinyl pants. It is sad, in Finland it isnt nirmalnto wear shiny clothes. Sime women use but not men.
    Today i weared new black shiny leather pants, visited in market. A loy of people watched… thinked.. it isnt normal. But i did it with thanks, hugs and kisses Yours Kai

    • Hi Kai,

      sorry again for not answering immediately, I´m so busy to answer all of the insta questions – you know…. 🙂
      Don´t worry about the others, think about all the lonely pioneers, they all have been looked at like the green men from the moon.

      Let´s make the trend and you don´t imagine how many friends of mine are hesitating to wear shiny pants, but after doing it a few times, they feel wonderful.

      Let´s do it and thank you for being a faithful friend,


  • Carl says:

    Omg…Christina, I absolutely love you’d pics and your love of leather fashion. I am a male and I did have a pair of leather pants for about two years I guess. I had been eyeing them plus I love the smell. My wife hated them but I enjoyed having them on. Awesome feeling when I had them on and yes I got some looks I know but I didn’t care.
    So she hated them and I got rid of them. I did however but her some leather pants, skirts and shiny leggings and they all just hang in the closet collecting dust.
    Too bad she doesn’t know I have had her shiny leggings on before. I know they are not for guys but wow did I feel good with them on.
    Well, I have bored you enough but thanks for your blog and your many attractive pictures. Your husband should be a proud man as most other wife’s fail to to take advantage of keeping things spicy.

    • Dear Carl,

      thanks sooo much for your comment. It´s wonderful to read such honest words and I can understand you so much. Having a passion means a lot and it is wonderful to feel the leather wearing shiny pants. For men and for woman. My husband also likes it and wears leather pants from time to time.
      I get so many feedbacks from guys who try to convince their spouses to wear the shiny stuff and once they are successful, the ladies love it too. Then they are the center of attention, they are in the spot light and that´s something that gives you selfconfidence and brings a lot of joy and fun.

      Maybe you can convince her to try it again and once she wears it, tell her how beautiful she is.
      Good luck and

  • Carl says:

    Thanks Christina,
    Well, I have tried to explain to my wife how good and sexy she looks when the time comes and she may wear a pair of her black shiny leggings or her leather pants. Once I told her sexy I thought she looked, that was the end. Her thought was if thought is was sexy, if she went out for a dinner date or just for a night out together, everyone else would look at her with sexy in mind.
    Me….I could careless what someone thinks of me and I explained that to her. So, since two years ago now….they just collect dust.
    I love to look of it, smell of it and the awesome look when it’s on.
    I guess I should buy me a pair but she would complain.
    Oh well, I lose I guess!
    Confidence in one’s self goes a long ways!
    For me, if I knew something like turned her on or got her motor running….I would be in them in a split second. Your husband is extremely lucky!!

    • Dear Carl,

      thanks a lot for your honest words and I fully understand your situation.
      There are many men with the same problem, but don´t give up, blow away the dust on the pants and just keep in talking to your wife.
      Many of my friends looked at my pics on Instagram and commented them personally but didn´t dare to like.
      It took a while until they tried on one of my leather pants and now it´s normal and they feel strong and sexy and are proud of it.

      Don´t give up, insist and try again.
      I wish you luck and I will write a blog article about this situation.

      All the best and love from

  • Carl says:

    Thanks Christina!!

    I will continue to ask but the last time she blessed me out saying, “let it go, I am not wearing it nor will I wear it anytime outside of the house”!

    That was two years ago now.

    But, I will try again. It seems the more I ask, the less it happens.

    I know it’s just a style, however I find it attractive, sensual, elegant and sexy.

    Be safe and from me and the many other followers, thanks for your many wonderful & beautiful pictures.

    Your smile says a lot!!


  • Thomas says:

    I’m a hetero male with similar passions. Slowly I am more confident about wearing my leather/shiny clothing in public. My wife is wonderfully accepting.

    I Love this blog and the pictures. Thank you!

    • Wow Thomas,

      thank you for your comment! You are a lucky guy to hava a partner who shares and accepts your passion.
      Congratulation and tell your wife my deep admiration. That´s not normal. Many guys are struggling with the effort to convince their wives to accept the passion for shiny clothes!

      Good luck and all the best,

  • Bart says:

    Hi Christina, to begin with, you look absolutely stunning and I can’t keep my eyes of you. When I’m older I would love to have a woman who is as beautiful as you. Wearing something shiny isn’t something for me, but I really love to see woman in shiny clothes!

    Good luck and all the best,


    • Dear Bart,
      Thank you very much for your nice words. You make me very happy and your words give me the energy to work on my mission. I would be very happy if you can see more and more shiny women .And I wish you to find a very beautiful and shiny and nice woman. Good luck for your future and thank you so much for this wonderful comment.
      Big hug,

  • Andy says:

    Dearest Christina
    I must start by saying bless you and your blog, it’s wonderful and inspiring for anyone looking to hit the town in something shiny. You seem so friendly and down to earth that people will trust what you say and that’s important because shiny clothes are for everyone and not just Ladies that look like models like yourself. So please keep up the great work !!
    I always loved seeing Women in leather anything but especially pants. From that interest I said to myself, “I wonder what I would look like in a pair of leather pants”. I always enjoyed wearing leather jackets, gloves, boots ect but had never tried pants. So I bought my first pair and was like a little boy racing home to try them on again and not in a tiny dressing room. They looked magnificent and the leather encasing my lower body felt amazing and sexy on. My first few times out in public wearing them were very nerve wracking to say the least because I was so paranoid at what people would think and if they would stare at me laughing. I did notice a few stares and perhaps comments but they all seemed very positive. From that I gained confidence and that I must say is the key to wearing leather pants. If you look nervous or uncomfortable, it will show but if you are filled with confidence and stand at the front of the line in your leathers, people won’t think twice about laughing or making a negative comment. I am now 44 and quite fit but look forward to the cool weather every year now so that I can wear one of my now many pairs of leather pants. So thank you Christina for inspiring and too all out there, GET LEATHERED, you will love it !!!

    • Dear Andy, Thank you very much for your comment and your nice words. This is a very big motivation for me and it makes me very happy that you feel the same. I`m proud of you that you have already started to show the people your leather outfits.And you believe in yourself. Keep on going like that and give your fantastic motivation to others.
      I wish you a very happy christmas in shiny leather clothes. I wish you all the best, Thanks Andy !

  • Andy says:

    My pleasure Christina, I am glad to support a great cause and Ladies wearing your clothes is a bonus for every man 😉 Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year and if you are like me, you will be wearing leather for lots of it !!

  • Andy says:

    My pleasure as always Christina and Happy Shiny New Year to you as well. If you would ever like some pics of my leather, please just let me know.

    All the best !

  • Mark Rutter says:

    I’ve just purchased my first pair of shiney women’s leggings and they look and feel great on. I just need to find a lovely top to go with it. It is a bit difficult though as I’m a 53 year old male

  • Paul Blaxley says:

    I wore my PVC outfit a few times and people just looked at me and also laughed.i just ignored them all and carried on walking.

  • James says:

    Good Day!!
    I was just curious when it comes to vinyl leggings,just ordered my first pair they should be here before the weekend! I worn plenty of regular leggings around the gym and to yoga. This will be my first pair of vinyl leggings when it comes to how they feel is it that much different do to the fabric tighter or looser? I’m excited but nervous at the same time due to them being shiny and definitely eye catching. I hope I’ve got what it takes to go out in them once I get them.
    I just wanted to say thanks for writing this blog more men should think about leggings as everyday wear…

    • Dear James, Sorry for the late reply, I was traveling a lot the last month. Thank you very much. It depends. Some vinyl pants are tighter , somer looser. It depends on the size. I wish you good luck with wearing such leggings. I`m sure they look fantastic on you. Have a nice week. Christina

  • Lad_In_Leggings says:

    Hi Christina,

    Wow – what an amazing blog! I really wish I’d stumbled upon it years ago!

    I’ve been fascinated by tight & shiny as long as I can remember, and I’ve endevoured to find an excuse to wear leggings ever since. First discovery is the secret girls have beem keeping for years – they really comfy and can be worn for loads of stuff. I’ve worn them cycling, climbing, hillwalking, watersports and long-haul flights! (some of my exploits are on Instagram!)

    The only comments I’ve ever received have related to the most comfy leggings I’ve found are from a company who specialise in mad designs. Nobody’s ever asked why I’m wearing leggings.

    Until recently, all my leggings choices had been based on something that could have a practical use – that all changed a couple of months ago when I tried something completely impractical….


    Why on earth would anyone want to wear something that’s so difficult to put on, smells like balloons, creaks when you move, is easily damaged & makes a right racket putting them on or off????

    Because once they’re on, latex leggings are completely unlike anything I’ve ever worn before. However you move they stay perfectly in place, feel amazing, and make your legs look like something off this planet.

    When I bought them I was so amazed with I decided to walk out the shop wearing them! But changed out of them before getting home – I daren’t wear them anywhere where I might be recognised!

    So keep up the great work with your blog etc – the world is better shiny!!


  • Hello,
    I like the way you encourage men to wear shiny pants in this blog post. They are wonderful and fun to wear and something different from the boring, common jeans and pants we usually put on.
    There is nothing wrong with guys wearing shiny pants. It’s a daunting adventure at first but once you do it enough times you get used to it and others get used to seeing you in them. That’s how it has been for me. Once the novelty effect rubs off no one cares that you’re wearing shiny pants. In fact, after the people who know you don’t see you wearing shiny pants they will notice and say, “Hey, you’re not wearing shiny pants! How come?” It’s actually very fun.
    So thanks for your encouragement! It is good to know that you and people like you are out there and very supportive of this. If you want to see my shiny pants photos just go to:

    • Thank you very much for this wonderful and motivating comment. It makes me very happy that more and more men are wearing shiny pants. This is the future. I wish you a lot of fun with your cool and shiny styles.

      • David says:

        I just purchased my first pair of mens Koral X infinity black 3/4 leggings. Very very glossy shiny indeed. I’m working up to wearing them out. Out on the water, or gym or yoga or rollerblading. They catch lots of attention I’m sure

  • Stallion says:

    Though I now wear leggings for gym or running errands, I do wish I had started earlier in life.
    I too recently ordered my first pair of Neoprene leggings, which are now my favorite, I even wear them to the gym, and believe it or not they breathe, they don’t dry as fast as my other leggings, but they are comfortable.
    I do believe that as men if we like the leggings we should wear them. Here in the US most Americans are too fat to wear them, and some of us associate or confuse leggings with sexual preference. I say man up and wear them. I’m in my leggings every chance I get.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. It´s really fantastic that you like to wear shiny leggings. So many men have the same opinion and I am very happy that more and more wear them nearly everyday. I wish you a happy and shiny thursday,

  • Thomas says:

    Hello are you still answering comments here dear ?

      • thomas says:

        great ! 😀 Last year i bought this supershiny pvc Down jacket , wich i have not dared to wear out in the public yet , because im kinda afraid what People would think of me , maybe that im gay or something . But im not, its just that i like wearing it , because i feel kinda sexy and powerful in it . Do you think there is some Girls in this world that like guys wearing this , or do they think it waaaay to feminine . Im truly sorry for the late respond , i just thought it was dead here , hehe . Thomas

        • Dear Thomas, Thank you for your comment. I am sure that the most of the women love men in shiny clothes. I think the way of combination with cool details and shoes is very important. Shiny pants for men are in mainstream now. So go for it and show how cool you are.

  • Adrian says:

    Hi christina , what a great article to read , I love the positive outlook you have on a guy wearing leather jeans and how they should not bother to think what people will think and just go for it!!! So after reading your blog I decided to hell with it and go hell for leather and I bought a pair of leather jeans and have now worn out a few times!!! So thank you for giving me the push to go and do it

    • Dear Adrian, Thank you very much for your comment. It makes me really happy that my article pushed you to buy a pair of leather pants. I wish you a lot of fun with them! I wish you a happy and shiny week, Christina

      • Adrian says:

        Thank you for the lovely positive reply, I bought a real pair of black leather jeans from Victoria wilder at the ultimate leather, she really does fab leather and im sure would look stunning on you if you bought a pair!!! Maybe i will model mine in a pic for you

  • Beor says:

    I regularly wear latex and pvc in public. However we’re not talking gimp suit. Jeans cut pants, biker jacket and tee (sometimes shiny as well). In general nobody looks, often you get compliments and sometimes double takes. I have a pair of matt black latex jeans from Zorenko which I pair with a matt black biker jacket (nobody really double takes on that one) but I wear it regularly. I also have a pair of pvc jeans which get more looks. In the end you are probably more aware of what you are wearing than other people. Those who don’t like it very rarely (if ever) say anything at all and will have forgotten you in five minutes. I’ve never had any seriously pointed negativity even in my bright blue latex version of the Zorenko outfit – but lots of compliments. I’m not young, in my fifties – but not unfit either. I enjoy what I wear, even in a city not famed for avant- garde fashion. The only person stopping you from wearing what you want is you.

  • richard says:

    love wearing pvc leggings very shiny and comfy , it feels so good being a male having the tightness there. sometimes i bike to work wearing them, thats something you never see. the creakyness of every movement and the car headlights reflecting back. i just with they would release pvc capri leggings .

    • Dear Richard, thank you for your comment. You are a great inspiration. Keep on wearing such amazing styles. We are going to plan capri leggings in the next month.
      I wish you a happy and shiny sunday, Christina

  • Emeka says:

    Hi Christina,
    I really love this blog.
    I’m a man from Nigeria.
    I purchased my pair of leather leggings last year.
    I love how my leggings accentuate my curves and make me look sexy.
    I feel so comfortable and powerful wearing them, and staring at the mirror.
    I love the way my sexy leather leggings shines when light reflects on them.
    Lots of love,


    • Dear Emeka,
      Thank you very much for your comment. It makes me very happy that you love to wear leather leggings. Keep on with this fantastic style. I wish you a wonderful week,

  • George says:

    I often dreamt of getting a pair of leather pants but my wife was against it. Recently however I raised the subject again. It was intentioned just to wear at home but really wants me to wear them out. A bit stunned but she is serious. I look forward to it. Similarly she suggested I get a leather shirt to wear with denim jeans. Must admit, I’m looking forward to it

  • Johan says:

    Thank you for your blog. I’m actually going out tonight to meet with colleagues for a night out. I have a pair of leather pants I enjoy wearing at home . This will be the first time for me coming out of the leather pants closet in such a public way. So much of the time, something like leather pants can seem like such an issue, but I’ve had some beers for Dutch courage and decided to throw caution to the wind. I’m unsure how people will respond, or how I will respond if they do say something! But I feel I need to wear them out as leather is a part of my identity and who I Am. It’s not good to hide it away. I’m hoping for a positive experience tonight. Fingers crossed! I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • Dear Johan, Thank you for your comment. I´m sure that this evening was a big success for you. You are an idol for many others who still are waiting too long to show their identity. We give positive vibes to our surrounding with positive outfits. This is a statement for happiness and independence. Let me know about this evening. I think this was a positive start.
      Yours Christina

      • Johan says:

        Hi Christina, oh my it’s been ages since I first wore my leather pants out. I loved it! I felt sexy as hell. I noticed a number of glances at my pants. At one point we were sat down and they were shining away. I felt great. I’ve started to wear them more and more. Thanks for your help!

        • Dear Johan, Thank you very much for your comment. It´s fantastic that you like to wear shiny pants. I wish you many many shiny moments, you make your surrounding a brighter place.

  • David says:

    I’m a mature guy who wears leather pants a lot , I have 10 pairs in various colours , black , brown , red ….my wife loves me wearing them especially with cowboy boots ….. wear more shiny clothes the looks you get is great fun !

  • Colin Bell says:

    Hi I have many pvc n latex outfits. I have popped down my local shop in the odd outfit. I love wearing them it makes me feel sexy. Shy but now I dont care what people think in public.

    • Dear Colin, that sounds great. It´s so important that we live now and not tomorrow. I´m proud of you that you don´t care about the others. And I am sure that the most of them love your outfits.

  • Colin Bell says:

    I’m a man and I love wearing pvc all the time. Got a red half pvc catsuit on now xx add me on Facebook Colin Bell outside block of flats on bench white t-shirt

  • Rennaissance Dude says:

    Hi Christina,
    I just wanted to thank you again for what you write here. And I think it’s very important what you’re saying because you are a woman. Women (especially in USA) are usually either very silent when it comes to men wearing shiny pants or they are opposed to it and will say something like, “Unless you’re __________ (fill in the blank with the name of some young, good-looking male celebrity), you have no right to be wearing shiny pants!” So thank you for being a woman who is encouraging guys to wear shiny pants.
    On a personal note, my shiny pants of choice is the spandex disco jean which has a very nice shine and plenty of stretch for a second-skin fit. I prefer them because they are very comfortable even with the tightest fit, and they have the look of a regular pair of pants (button, zipper, back pockets and sometimes belt loops) which makes them quite versatile with any outfit and for any occasion.

    • Thank you very much for your comment. It makes me very happy that you like to wear shiny pants, so many men are writing to me and tell me that they started to wear shiny pants because of my blog. You are an idol for many others. Keep on shining, you make others happy.

  • Gary says:

    I have lived with this secret for years in the privacy of my own home.
    I am single middle-aged man and my personal clothing is wearing (women’s)PVC Catsuits,(NO makeup) i have a variety of colours within the same style.It soon became normal for me to dress in them than normal day clothes,as i have actually become addictive and i feel more comfortable to wearing them daily.

    • Dear Gary, thank you very much for your comment. Fantastic, that you have so many different shiny outfits. This sounds very creative. Keep on being an idol for many others. Happy 2020!

  • Pat says:

    I’m a man and have worn my latex jeans out and about running everyday errands and no one paid any more or less attention to me. I must admit, it was THRILLING to be able to do that. I’ve also worn my latex catsuit to a club and people were amazed by it and wanted to feel it. I’ll never forget a couple of girls who were enthralled by the latex, I think they were actually a little jealous of my outfit! That was very fun, too.

    In summary, I agree 100% – us guys need to get out there and be more bold with our clothing. If you like it and it feels good go for it! I’m a huge latex/leather/vinyl lover and encourage everyone to try it at least once.

    • Dear Pat, Thank you very much for your wonderful comment. It´s very interesting to hear that people did´t pay a lot of attention to you. So it will be more and more normal to be shiny everywhere. I´m sure that many girls are jealous to your cool styles. Keep on being shiny and full of energy,
      Yours Christina

  • A C says:

    Thank you so much for this article! I had been scared, for lack of a better term, to wear my leather pants out of the house for many years. I have 7 pair (4 black, 2 brown, and the coolest pair of distressed brown leather that I have ever seen), and like many others, wear them for warmth in the colder months while around the house.

    A few weeks back, after reading your article, my girlfriend and I were going to go shopping in a city a few hours away, and it was going to be cold that day. She slipped into a pair of leather pants and asked that I do the same. My heart raced and I just was unsure. She said, “Here, put these on.” It was a shiny pair in black. The look on my face probably said it all. With that, She grabbed the distressed pair and said, “Here, put these on if you are nervous. They are not as shiny as some of the black pairs that you have. It’s fine. Be warm and who cares?!!? No one will really notice”

    So I did it and went out in public for the whole day (about 12 hours). You know what, people either didn’t care, or they commented on how great they looked. Whoa! I was shocked. From that time forward, if I want to wear them, I do. Even the shinier ones, especially when it is chilly. I wore them to New Years parties and everyone commented on how awesome they were. Now that I wear them routinely, it is no big deal to anyone and they are more comfortable than jeans.

    So I say, “build up the courage” to wear them. You will be surprised at how well received they are. My best piece of advice is, wear the leather pants, don’t let them wear you! Be confident and treat them like any other pair of pants. If you don’t think about having them on while wearing them chances are people who do notice them will only offer positive comments. If you look nervous or constantly think about having them on, that is when people may say something negative. Own it! Wear those shiny pants!

    • Thank you very much for your
      wonderful comment. I love the sentence wear the leather pants and don`t let them wear you!
      You are a big idol for many others. Thank you for your open words.
      I wish you a happy and shiny weekend,

  • Mac says:

    I love wearing Lycra leggings and would love some pvc ones; but am I brave enough to wear them in public. Thanks for the site, you are an inspiration to us all!

  • John says:

    I wear pvc Jean’s and tshirts as often as I can around the house and also outdoors it feels amazing to do so..

  • Frank says:

    I wear faux leather leggings all the time. I am straight but enjoy wearing them. It’s a unique edgy look. Ginasy very good for the money and a nice shine. Tagoo also very nice for the money. Lysse leggings are expensive but less shiny. Commando is a good brand but not as smooth as some of the others.
    Top shop is ok but not as conforming to the bosy. My girlfriend not a. fan but ok with it. She is not accepting of vinyl yet but i am trying to get her on board. Any suggestions on how to slowly get her on board? Also, if you can recommend any other brands to me. Outfit suggestions would be great too. Currently, I pair the leggings with booties and a long sweater or for a sporty look a long crew neck shirt and matching sneakers. About to try long collared shirt. We shall see. Any recommendations are much appreciated. Great website. You can always find me in a pair of faux leather leggings. Guess it is my turn lol. 🙂

    • Dear Frank, Thank you very much for your comment and your recommendations. I hope that your girl friend will like your style more and more. I think the time will play for you 😉 I wish you a happy and shiny day, Christina

  • Robin says:

    Hi, I am male and fell in love with leather pants a long time ago and have worn them whenever possible for most of my adult life. Most people accept them as part of my style. Shiny leggings and now vinyl pants have come later and are fantastic particularly in comfort. A life changing moment for me ( I am not gay ) seeing Olivia Newton John in her shiny pants at the end of “Grease “. I am the same age as Olivia but remain loyal to the cause which you represent so well.

    • Dear Robin, Thank you very much for your nice comment. Very cool that you like to wear shiny pants for such a long time. So you are a big idol for many others. Keep on being creative and stylish. Christina

      • Robin says:

        Dear Christina,Many thanks for your response to my comment. My view now is that I don’t wear shiny pants to prove a point – I am the point ! Regards, Robin .

  • William says:

    Dear Christina
    I accidentally stumbled across your blog the other day and find your encouragement of men to go out wearing shiny clothes inspirational. More please!
    I tentatively started to explore the possibility myself last year, by having a bespoke PVC vinyl trench coat made in colour beige, which is very versatile as I can wear it for everyday business use.
    Any comments I have had have all been complimentary, which has boosted my confidence somewhat such that I am now having two new shiny PVC vinyl trench coats made, in more adventurous colours blue and red.
    I am not sure I am ready to progress to wearing shiny pants as I am rather shy and now in middle age, but I guess I am at least headed in the right direction and I hope you approve! From small acorns grow mighty oaks, as the old saying goes!
    Thank you so much for your inspiring words, pictures, designs, enthusiasm and not least smiles!
    With kind regards
    Yours sincerely

    • Dear William,
      Thank you very much for your wonderful comment. It makes me very happy that you agree with me. Keep on being a shiny and happy person who shows independence and happiness. Life is too short to be shy. I wish you a fantastic day,
      I wish you all the best,

  • Jay says:

    I now have two pairs of bespoke made leather pants. One leather jacket and two leather shirts.

  • Thorsteinn K says:

    Hey Christina!

    A dude from Iceland here. Once again, a straight guy that loves the shiny look 🙂 I’ve always disliked jeans and other pants that were restricting and non-forgiving and so most of my life I would wear some form of loose fitting sports pants. Jogging pants etc. A black pair of Adidas was my thing 🙂

    But, back in 2016 I put on my girlfriends faux leather leggings and holy shit, this not just looked great, but felt awesome wearing. So stretchy, so comfortable. I coined the term “A girl’s best kept secret” back then, referring to leggings in general. There simply was no turning back then 🙂 Good bye Adidas, hello leggings!

    Here’s me “coming out” to the world on my facebook from Christmas 2016.

    I wear leggings almost 100% of the time now. Some shiny high waisted faux leather leggings with a longline t-shirt or sweat to cover the “bits” – perfect. I’m an electrician and find no reason to not wear those leggings to work. 🙂

    Another pic:

    • Dear Thorsteinn,
      Thank you very much for your wonderful message and the cool pics. Love your style, you write my words: Good bye Adidas, welcome faux leather 😉
      I wish you a lot of fun with your cool styles,
      Stay shiny!

  • Jonathan says:

    What a wonderful message Christina! I am very much like you, and I have worn tight shiny leather pants in public literally every day for the past 10 years (I’m 30 now). My collection has grown to 20 pairs. Nothing beats the feeling of wearing them in public! I’m now known as the sexy leather man in my city. As a straight man it was scary at first, and some people don’t like them, but as you have said the wonderful compliments and advances from women make it all worth it! I love being a source of inspiration for others to take the plunge and be daring. If you would like, I would love to send you some pictures!

    • Dear Jonathan,
      Thank you very much for you wonderful comment.
      It´s fantastic, that you love to wear shiny cool styles. Yes, please send me some pictures.
      I wish you a lot of fun with your cool powerful styles,

  • Andrew says:

    I wear more pvc and leather than anything else.. I think after a while it just becomes part of who you are

  • Richard says:

    Hi Christina,

    Great post!
    I decided after many years to invest in a pair of leather pants. I visited a specialist leather store and was quite nervous going in. A young girl in the store was helpful and quickly picked out some different leathers for me to try. As soon as I started trying them on, my nervousness went away. The first pair I tried on were a great fit both on my legs and ass. I tried some more, but we both agreed that the first pair were a great fit. It was a great feeling to have the young shop assistant checking out the lower half of my body wrapped in black leather.
    I wear them as much as I can now it’s colder.


  • Trev says:

    I’m 49 and enjoy wearing faux leather and leather trousers but my wife says she doesn’t like them but I’m comfortable wearing them but on occasion I have confidence issues when really I should not care what people think

  • Mr Stright Man says:

    Dear Vanilla
    You are such an inspiration

    To day i dresses upp In my shiny skinny pvc jeans
    I felt like a superhero all the way untilli met an mature secretery at work. Then I felt like an idiot. I felt that i was pushing my sexuality on sombody that did not asked/wanted the» wiev»

    The outfitt was Black shirt , pants and shiny shoes. Not that far off. Exept for the shiny pants. Ps my work is In an office with no custommers. No dress code

    What do you think. Should i only dress upp in pvc In private ? Br PVC dare

    • Hello,
      Why only at home ? I think that it is okay when you show your selfconfidence everywhere. If there is no dresscode in your work, it could be very interesting to wear shiny pants. The people can see that you are interested in fashion.
      I wish you all the best. Show who you are.

  • Danny Newitt says:

    I am a married man and I love wearing wet look leggings meggings all my friends say they look great and sexy too! My wife loves me wearing them. In our day and age we should be able to wear what we want. I have 8 pairs of leather look meggings. I love them I like the feel.

  • Nigel Davey-Lee says:

    Hi Christina
    I love your post and the pics are sensational.
    I too love pvc and wear it whenever I can (not yet in public)
    I have several pieces, including catsuits and ball gowns.
    The feeling is auxillerating to say the least.
    Im not sure how the public would react with a mature man walking around in shiny pvc but times are changing, you know and people don’t even give it a second glance these days.
    Who knows, one of these days I might surprise myself.

    Thank you so much


  • Can men wear woman’s leather leggings please email me back at

  • Neil says:


    I love your post and you look stunning in shiny pvc.
    I love to wear it when I can and have a few pieces myself, including a couple of ball gowns and catsuits.
    I’m not sure how people would react to me, a middle aged man in town dressed in pvc catsuit, who knows ,times are changing!!!
    Keep doing what you’re doing.


    • Dear Neil,
      Thank you very much. You are right, times are changing. And if we work together and show others that it is no problem to walk around in shiny outfits, it will go faster and faster that these outfits will be normal.
      I wish you all the best. Show who you are,

  • Robert says:

    Im a man been into all shiny n smooth tight fitting clothes but I haven’t the money to buy any am dying to wear any rather leather pvc latex vinyl mens or womens in a size 31 n 10s in womans this is my email if anyone wants 2 get me some pants leggings even mini skirts its just say in reguards to this

  • Steve says:

    I’m a man that went from a tight pair of shiny boxers,to pvc/latex/lycra leggings and trousers and even knee high and thigh high boots,I just love the feel and look.

  • Fred says:

    Hi Christina,you always look stunning in leather. I’ve bought leather trousers from next, a leather top and long leather gloves. I love wearing them at home on my own. I have a long black wig which along with the leather have worn driving, I get lots of admiring looks at traffic lights,think its the long gloves on the steering wheel, could be interesting if get pulled over though!

  • I think its hot and at this very moment im wearing womens leather leggings and mmm I feel so naughty and turned on i love it

  • Stallion76 says:

    Ok, I did it, I invested in latex leggings. And they are nice. I especially love the shine, but boy do they take work to put on. I suppose I will learn. Now yes, I’m probably the only man in the world who is comfortable being on display, being that I have already found interest in skin tight clothes, such ans spray on denim, lycra, spandex,PU, leather, vinyl, now latex.
    The only problem is being with like minded people. I have no problem wearing in public, I don’t mind the stares, some good, some bad, the questions, and even some positive responses, and it also brings out the people who normally would think they are just normal. I just wish I had started at a younger age, but I too used to be ignorant, and closed minded. But luckily I still have my health, and my courage. Yes it takes courage, as those who would see me in daily life would not know. Now, I wear my spray on jeans daily, even at work, which I guess kind of keeps the edge off, being that I’m not really leaving much for the imagination, but I think thats a load of crap anyways. People let’s get more men out there stop being such wusses. And man up, stop acting like little shy high school girls.
    So I love the fit, I love the ability to move unrestricted. Yes women really have it good as its more acceptable in the world of women

  • matt says:

    I just bought some faux leather leggings, leather pants and latex pants…hope to find courage to wear in public some day. seems more difficult when youre big like i am

  • Black stallion aka Dark Knight says:

    What Monster did I create? Ok, so I tried the Latex leggings, and they are addictive. I bought one pair out of curiosity, and I be damned of I didn’t end up with a small latex wardrobe. Granted, it takes planning to wear them, but when I put them on, and polish them up, I look great, and feel great. It’s like being naked. No wrinkles, and after a while they create a vacuum, which give that true skin look. No wrinkles whatsoever, and yes I look like some kind of superhero. Yes they shine like a cars surface. They are amazing, but damn they are expensive, but they are addictive. I love them. I guess secretly, and I may be wrong, but believe that some are even jealous.

    • Thank you very much for your comment. You are right. Some people are really jealous.
      Best greetings and sorry for the late answer, I only worked for my coobook the last month.
      Best greetings, Christina

  • CJ says:

    I have a pair of Hello Miss PU pants. They are soft and strechy. Most comfy pants I own. Of course they are shiny as well. Love to wear them.

  • Stallion76 says:

    Ok, I’ve tried the latex Rubber, and I love it. I love to get a nice seal, I love the clean silhouette. I look pretty decent wearing them. And all I can say is I’m hooked. I wish I was introduced earlier in life though. Granted they are expensive, but I wear them wherever I get the chance. I must say maybe I just like wearing the tights fitted clothes.

  • Colin Bell says:

    I’m a guy who loves pvc and latex outfits but to scared to go out in public in them.
    What can I do ?

    • Hi Colin, read all the wonderful comments from the other guys here at this blog. There are so many who love to wear shiny clothes and many of them have only positive experiences.
      I wish you all the best and I hope the day will come you go out with shiny pants …. Christina

  • Wesley says:

    This post is very encouraging, but I still am not sure. My wife bought us each a pair of semi shiny leather pants last year. I absolutely love mine, but she has not worn her pants a single time. She gets upset with me when I suggest that we both wear them even in the house. I have to wear my pants on secret when she leaves the house. And I have to take them off before she gets home. What words can I say to get her to try to like the shiny clothes?

  • Wesley says:

    This post is very encouraging, but I still am not sure. My wife bought us each a pair of semi shiny leather pants last year and I love them. The feeling of the pants is really invigorating. I have brought up the idea to my wife of us both wearing the pants out on a date. She gets upset with me for wanting to do such a thing. She is a plus size woman, so I get that she has some confidence lacking. She has not worn her pants a single time and I feel sad because I know that she would look stunning in them. I have to wait until she leaves the house before I can slip into my pants and relish the feeling. As soon as she is almost home, the good feeling disappears and I have to take them off.

    Are there any words of encouragement I can say to my wife to try out her shiny pants and possibly get into the style? She is very hard headed, so I generally don’t bring up the subject.

  • Ross says:

    Hi I love wearing tight shinny mini skirts and 6 inch heels and I am male

  • Colin says:

    Hi I’m Colin if anyone out there is into dressing up in pvc or latex I’m very kinky contact me on thanks

  • Dave Nelson says:

    I tried wearing womens skinny jeans and they fit and feel great, so much better than men’s jeans. Leather leggings would be the next step, they look great and women say they feel great. It will probably take some time to build up the courage to wear them.

  • Dave Nelson says:

    Hi Christina, You look great in all your leather leggings and outfits.You are so encouraging, positive and energetic about trying something new and feeling good about it. Womens skinny jeans fit me great and feel great. Would womens leather and latex leggings fit great also with women having so much more to choose from. Thank You, your so encouraging!

  • Colin Bell says:

    I am a male wearer of pvc and latex outfits I am now more confident to go out in pvc catsuits or a combination of top an pvc leggings or trousers down the shop or just shopping. I feel so good and sexy in my pvc outfits so much more. I don’t care what people think. I’ve had a few good comments on my outfits so guys go for it. Dress how you want in what you want outside in public. If there is anyone out there who doesn’t mind in what I dress in. In public male or female contact me on I want to meet you. Xx

  • Tony says:

    I’m a man and I love wearing women’s leather pants. I would love to have a pair of Spanx faux leather leggings.

  • Gary Scorgie says:

    Yes I wear leather leggings all the time

  • Dave says:

    So, encouraged by my fellow men on here, and you Christina, tonight I pulled on a pair of Shiny PVC Jeans and a branded white tee and hit Leicester Square in London for dinner with my wife, followed by the theatre. Do you know what? The world didn’t end, the public didn’t laugh and point. I got checked out a couple of times, I felt somewhat self-conscious, but that will get better with time, and I loved my look. Life is too short to not live your truth, and a bit of outlandish shine is mine.

    • Hello Dave, Thank you for this wonderful comment. Sorry for my very late answer, but I did not work with my blog for some month. But now I will keep up my work.
      I wish you happiness and a lot of fun with your shiny styles.
      Greetings to London,