It`s time for asparagus – a red and white epiphany!

asparagus with tomatoes
asparagus with tomatoes easy cooking by Vanillapearl

Super yummie! Super easy! Super fast!

Finally, it`s time again. My beloved asparagus season is on!

Asparagus has always had me hooked. What`s better than German asparagus?

I love trying new variants constantly, and as we all suffer from lack of time, and yet do not want to suffer in a culinary way, I will show you my last version of those sexy aspargus  stalks. It doesn`t have to be french fries red and white, how about some asparagus red and white? Or will this cause some beef among the soccer fans?

That juicy garlic just fell into my hands, really. I chopped it up and fried it in the very best olive oil with some tomatoes on the vine until the garlic pieces turned crispy. Hmmm….this really makes your mouth water, doesn`t it?


And all we need now ist he merging of those wonderful veggie stalks with the red, fried tomatoes. Sprinkled with brown butter and fresh chives, we are ready to roll! As simple as that!


For 4 people you need:

1kg asparagus

500g small tomatoes on the vine

120g butter

1 bunch of chives

2 juice large Chinese garlic cloves

2 tbsp bread crumbs

some olive oil, salt and pepper

Peel the asparagus and bring the water to

the boil with some salt. Simmer the asparagus on low heat or rather just allow to infuse until it`s done, and yet still luscious. Very important! The asparagus must remain crisp. Who likes soft veggies after all? And even worse, who is into sloppy asparagus stalks?

Peel the garlic, chop it and sear it in olive oil with the tomatoes until the garlic is crispy.

Melt the butter on low heat until it`s browned and fragrant.

Arrange the asparagus on the plate. Spead the tomato-garlic sugo on top and sprinkle with the brown butter and the finely chopped chives and voilá  – this amazing dish is ready!

Young potatoes are great with it!

Bo appetit!

Tell me if you are lusting for asparagus aswell and how to fight the feeling!

Yours truly,