How to reach your goals and overcome your fears at the same time

Christina in Novigrad Croatia Vinylpants made by Christina
Vinyl pants made by Christina Vanillapearl Arcanum Vinyljacket made by Christina Croatia Novigrad

How to act fearless

Take a deep breath!

Inhale and listen!

What is your forté?

What do you enjoy most?

What would you give anything for?

What`s your dream?

What does your goal look like?

Who do you compare yourself to?

What kind of images surface when your thoughts run wild?

There is this one thing you are better at than anyone else. Stop comparing yourself to mediocrity in this field.

Why? Because there is too much competition in mediocrity.

Only in rare air can you find less competition. That`s where things start to get interesting. How can you get there?

Things get steeper towards the summit, it gets dangerous, we get scared. We want to turn around and stop dead in our tracks.

We don`t have faith that we can climb the summit. We feel too weak. We think others are better. This is a false assumption!

It may take a while until you can clearly envision your goal.

Deal with it every day.

In due time, you will merge with your topic.

You will become an expert in your field.
It may be a type of sports, a construction project, it may be the flowers in your garden, a language, a piece of artwork you would like to create.

And then you get this certain feeling.

It disturbs us.

It slows us down.

It inhibits us.

It paralyzes us.

It`s fear.

The fear of failure.

Fear of stupid comments.

Fear to take risks that are too high.

Fear of ourselves.

Overcoming fear and becoming a world champion.

Silke Kraushaar, bobsleigh rider and world champion was about to break through. Then she lost control in a bend and got badly injured.

After recovery, she wanted to get back to the top, but fear slowed her down in her bends.

She got scared.

She got slow.

She stopped being successful.

She was disappointed.

She quit.

With the help of a sports psychologist, she worked on overcoming her fear week by week.

She did it.

She became a world champion.

How often has fear kept you from being successful?

We often have a hard time defining our fears and tend to mistake them for valid doubts.

I have always dreamed of being successful with my collection.

I knew I had to come out of my shell in order to do that and that`s what I was afraid of.

I knew I had to show myself.

I hid.

I hid my fashion.

Nobody noticed what I was designing.

Nothing happened.

One morning, I couldn`t suppress my inner voice any more that said:

Show yourself!

Show your fashion!

Show your feelings!

Show yourself to people!

I went out, showed myself and let my husband Ralph take pictures of me in my Arcanum designs. It took me a lot of guts.

At first, we shot in solitary surroundings. That was ok for starters, but not enough. I had to be among people, whether I wanted to or not. I was scared. Scared to look ridiculous, to look naked, because I was showing myself. But fear was not able to slow me down.

I dared to take small steps forward.
The encouragement I got from pensioners walking by or cops on patrol prevailed by far. Just every now and then I heard some hater`s grunt and grumble.

With every friendly look I got braver.

Meanwhile, the haters have me laugh.

Now, I can`t wait to pose out in public. It took a while for me to leave my shell behind in my garage.

Every step towards it was worth it.

It is worth overcoming your fears for your goal!

Can you clearly envision your goal yet?

Is it worth fighting fear step by step for it? Yes? What are you waiting for? We only have one life. We can only climb the summit in small steps.

What could be your next move? As little as it is, take it!
Have you ever crashed in a bend at full speed? Do you know the fear of the next bend? Sure!

Follow your dream even if the air gets thinner or the speed higher.

You can only stick out from the crowd if you don`t slow down before the bend that you once crashed in.

Together, we can make it better than alone. My husband Ralph has supported my baby steps out of my shell. Silke Kraushaar  worked with a specialist to get fast again. You can`t make your dreams come true alone? Find people who think and feel like you! They exist! Search for them. Be it in facebook groups or in reality, walk the first step.

Our familiar surroundings are the shell. In order to live our dreams we have to show ourselves.

Start today!

Get started!

Take a run!

You can soar higher than you have ever dreamed of!

Your only break is your fear inside you.

Take your foot off the break and step on the gas!


Yours truly,