Fellweste und Lycraleggings von Arcanum Fashion

Are you attracted to craziness?

Do you want to wear crazy stuff?

Many years ago I bought a black Jean Paul Gaultier PVC body in Paris. That piece really influenced me. I wore it at home and took care of it like it was pure gold, which in reality meant that I almost never wore it and unfortunately it was lost when I had to move. I had the body for quite a while and it always reminded me that my life must never be boring. My friends from fashion school bought themselves nice dresses or blouses in Paris. That would have never crossed my mind. I wanted something else.

Are you attracted to going crazy? Maybe just a bit?

Christina - Vanilla Pearl - leatherpants Arcanum - fur vest Vanilla Pearl

Life on hold?

Do you live your life as an endless chain of chores, interrupted by occasional highlights? Full of dull and idle tasks and no projects that have the potential to really inspire you?

That’s how I felt after 3 years of motherhood.

Soon after fashion school, I had my children, and anybody who has children of their own knows what that means. My free and easy life was suddenly interrupted. I loved the party life in Munich, every night at another club with a new outfit, then back to fashion school after just after a few hours of sleep. Fantastic!

Christina - Vanilla Pearl wearing Arcanum leggings and fur vest in Starnberg

Motherhood puts craziness on hold, doesn`t it?

After giving birth came the sleepless nights, no parties, endless parents’ evenings and hours spent waiting at the pediatrician`s.

And I really thought that I could suppress the madness. But I couldn’t. At first, I adjusted my clothes to some sort of “Lady Madonna” style. But I was mostly too tired to hit the clubs/nightlife and babysitters were too expensive. Motherhood has always satisfied me and was so much fun. It was always my dream to have children. Maybe I just assumed that my lust for life would be curbed by having children. The opposite was the case.

Christina wearing Arcanum fur vest all made by Christina

Craziness must be lived out!

You cannot suppress the crazy part of you, let alone the curiosity to try new things.

You have to find a way to express joy and pleasure for craziness, and it all begins with fashion. Fashion that` s crazy, fashion that`s different.

I started to search for fabrics which were different and found PVC material that could be made into clothes. In the early days of the internet, it was not easy to find fabrics I liked. I have fought for the freedom to live crazily. The desire to live and to experiment was stronger than the paralysis due to fatigue.

Create space to live crazy!

Take small steps towards craziness.

Find places to live it up.

Search places to dance in.

Search for people who think and feel like you, and start today.

It is a pleasure to amaze others and to wear clothes that nobody wears.

Let`s fill our gray lives with color.

Let`s match crazy designs with lovely shoes, a classic blazer, pink leather pants or a turquoise fur coat!

Christina - VanillaPearl wearing Arcanum fake fur coat turquoise and black fake leather pants

“Those who don`t constantly recreate themselves are soon to be dead”, Bob Dylan allegedly once said.

Even if he didn`t say it, I believe it.

If we are not constantly curious about discovering new designs and expressing our way of life through our clothes, our lives will become more and more gray.

We have a task:

Let`s bring magic into our lives,

do crazy things and

try something new every day.


Fake Leather Pants: Arcanum
Leggings: Arcanum
Fake Fur Vests: Arcanum
Fur Coat Turquoise: Arcanum
Shoes (similar) Dr. Martens

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  • Mark says:

    A truly magical and positive blog post. I love that you should wear what makes you feel powerful and wonderful. No matter what people mean -)