How to Give Wings to Your Thoughts

Christina in Porec
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with vinyl trenchcoat and overknees in Porec Croatia

Free yourself from thoughts that tear you down!

Have you caught yourself? Instead of focussing on praise, devotion and  positive people, you spend half a day thinking about a friend`s stupid comment?

You can`t be serious! You actually dedicate time and energy to this idiot? Shame on you!

In the early days of blogging, I managed to dwell on the 0,1 negative comments on my blog and on instagram. Unbelievable! What a drastic error! Instead of being happy all day about all the wonderful comments and being appreciative of them, I dwelled on these few idiots!!! I admit, I`m still ashamed of myself. Every now and so often, it does happen, but this is exactly what slows down my creative energy. Giving room to negative things in my life is a no go. It deprives me of my energy. So I learned to refocus my swaying thoughts onto the positive again and again with discipline. At first, I didn`t succed, because I thought the criticism was justified and that I had to work on myself. That may be true in some cases, but you have already lost if you take everything personally. What do I need a shoe in size 56 for? It goes straight to  the trash. I can`t keep dragging my feet! So let`s separate the pivotal things from the petty ones and we realize that at least 90 % of them vanish ino thin air immediately.

What happens then? The positive thoughts, the joy we feel about dear people, the gratitude and the fun will overwhelm you.

You will start feeling like champagne! You will be floating! Let me take it a step further:

The dimensions around you will shift. You will surpass yourself, because you BELIEVE those who praise you!


A little more every day. That makes sense.

Lets focus together on the positive things that surround us. The world will appreciate it and reward us by making us feel like Cinderella.

Maybe the shoe fits after all!

Be shiny and be grand!

Yours truly


Christina in Porec



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