How to Fit 12 Sexy Outfits into a Small Carryall

vinyl skirt made by Christina
Blue vinyl skirt made by Christina Striewski Vanillapearl

How to get over your holiday panic attacks and fit all your wonderful outfits into a small bag

There is only one way, and that`s vinyl or faux leather!

Tomorrow I`m off to Croatia! I have to admit that I was overcome by a slight nervousness how to fit all outfits for the photo shoot in the car.
There are 4 of us going, we will stay for 10 days and the trunk is small. This slight tension turned into euphoria. I fit 12 outfits !!! altogether into a bag with the size of 30x30x50cm!!!
You won`t believe it! I could barely believe my eyes myself.
Once again, vinyl displays yet another handy trait besides the fabulous ease of care. Throw your aprons in the trash and cook in vinyl. A new sense of life will arise.
And the question whether vinyl isn`t too hot in summer can clearly be answered with a no. Just wear short vinyl dresses.
There were over 40° in Rome and I wore solely vinyl skirts and faux leather skirts. It was big fun! And since our mission is to shine a bit more every day, there are no more problems concerning that. From day to day we will care less about other people`s opinion. Some of you have already told me excitedly that they dare more and more to appear shiny in public. And how did they manage? By practice! We can practice becoming braver by taking a small step towards heavenly shine every day. Together we are strong! If we all stick together and shine together the outer world will develop in the right direction.

We create reality!

Some of you think they are all alone.
Many write me that they feel lonely in their desire to wear shiny clothes.
Funny enough they become more and more each day. It`s unbelievable how many men and women love these shiny materials and enjoy vinyl and faux leather.

We want to have fun!

That`s why we take off together in our fabulous outfits!!! By now I can`t even wear anything else. And I don`t want to wear anything else. I want to make a statement for joy and a positive attitude towards life, even if some days seem gray.

Join in and shine a bit more every day!

You will see your carry all volume will shrink by half.

No more ironing ever!
When you unpack your vinyl outfits, nothing is crinkled. Just put it on and that`s it! And when you throw your vinyl outfits in a corner because you had too much wine to drink they will be like new the next day.

Forget about washing clothes on vacation! You can just shower your vinyl outfits and hang them up. Finished! Now I am done with my guide to housekeeping. I have to admit:

Vinyl is just wicked!

Here are a few of my summer styles that fit into any suitcase.
Have fun composing your shiny outfits that will make you happy.

Yours truly


Black vinyl skirt “Trance” with zipper from Arcanum
Black vinyl top made by Christina, Vanillapearl, Prototype for Arcanum
Black leather pants “Shine!” from Arcanum
Golden vinyl leggings: Prototype for Arcanum, will arrive in the shop in 2 weeks.
White shirt: Prototype for Arcanum
Blue vinyl leggings: Prototype made by Christina, Vanillapearl, coming soon (2 weeks)
Blue vinyl skirt: Prototype made by Christina, Vanillapearl

Vinyl outfit made by Christina Leather pants made by Christina vinyl leggings made by Christina blue vinyl leggings made by Christina Vinyl skirt made by Christina