Hey ladies, time to rise and shine!

Christina. Vanilla Pearl und-rama-in-arcanum-lederhose-shine!-auf-rotem-sofa

10 tips on how to bring out that superwoman gloss!

In the past few weeks, I have been thinking long and hard about the appropriate age group for the Arcanum leather pants.
You`re supposed to define target groups – at least that`s what I thought, right?
Age 30 – 55? Age 25 – 60?

You are never too old or too young to shine!

While I was still pondering the target groups, my mother called to officially order the shiny leather pants SHINE!

My mom turned 81 4 months ago.

I had asked her before if the less shiny pants „BREATHE!“ was something she might enjoy.
She declined giving her age as the reason.
However, after our conversation, she went on imagining for days how it would feel, which effect she would have and temptation won.

She glows when she is wearing the pants and she feels like a rock star and that`s the way she looks!
(So far she has been refusing to model for Arcanum but I will still get her to do it!)

Ok, my mother is not your average grandmother, she is the blonde archetype of a Swedish woman with the energy of 10 grandmothers and she is even a great grandmother already.

Her call has shattered my thoughts on the target group.

Any age group and women, as well as men can and should wear leather pants.

No „Rated R“ for shiny leather pants!

My mom didn`t want to take off her pants anymore and bought herself some matching high heels and a long black cardigan.
She can`t wait to appear at her next society event in Düsseldorf.
I have never seen her this enthusiastic and happy about an outfit.

We set our own rules.

Let`s grab hold of the stirring wheel and determine our direction.

Let`s  shine and be strong.

Shiny clothes give us strength. 

Here are 10 tips for you to make you shine like a diamond.

1.Your clothes are a statement!

Strong clothes make you strong. Glossy clothes make you shine and radiate.

2. Choose strong colors as a contrast!

If you dress gray in gray, you will become gray.
Combine your clothes with strong contrasting colors such as black, white, red or turquoise.

3. Wear very high heels!

I`m repeating myself, but there is no other way!
Wear high heels for major events. The higher your heel, the more power you will emanate.

4. Emphasize your persona and accentuate your assets!

Accentuate those very things about you that you like best, for example, your beautiful cleavage, your amazing ankles or your shapely legs.

5. Wear shiny accessories!

They make you shine even more.
Sparkling earrings or bracelets make you glow. No matter if they are real or not. The main thing is it glitters!

6. Wear nail polish!

Details are much more important than you think. No matter if pale pink or bright red. Even with these details, you`re making a statement.

7. Choose an accessory no one has!

An extraordinary detail makes you even more unique.
Turn yourself into a brand. Well chosen and used you will reap admiring looks with it.
People will recognize your creativity.You`ll prove that you`re not a plain Jane.

8. Make your lips shine!

Even if it`s just some simple gloss. Glamor in your face is sexy.
You will be striking and worth mentioning.

9. Your bag – your trademark!

Oh, what a never ending issue. What does your favorite bag look like, hot or modestly elegant? The choice is yours. You come across really different if the color of your bag matches your shoes or if the style of your bag repeats itself in your outfit.

10. Walk upright! Very much upright!

Don`t duck down, not even if something irritates you. Never duck down.

Walk upright like a queen.

Our walk reflects our inner attitude and when we walk upright we feel strong!

Start today, don`t wait for minutes, hours and weeks to pass unused.

Start shining today and make an impression with your posture and your clothes!

I`ll be looking forward to your comments!



Pants: Vegan Leather Pants Arcanum Shine!
Blue coat: Fake fur coat Arcanum Cyrstal Ice
Black vinyl coat: made by Christina – similar here
Overknees: Mai Piú Senza