Hey Guys, Make Your Women SHINE!

Christina Vanilla Pearl in Arcanum vegane Lederhose SHINE!

8 reasons that will convince your girlfriend to wear shiny clothes

If someone had told me 5 years ago that I would be designing vinyl and leather fashion almost exclusively today I would have roared with laughter!
I was focussed on evening wear made of silk, bridal fashion and Dirndl.
I was as far from leather wear as Angela Merkel is from Rammstein!
Admittedly, I have always had a soft spot for shiny fabrics, but I wore those clothes preferably at home or in the club.

I would have never expected for me of all people to become an advocate of this kind of fashion!

How Arcanum leather pants were born

It happened by pure chance.
I was just designing my first collection for the Arcanum Shop and was looking for cool fabrics for jeans.
When the soft fake leather fabrics fell into my hands, I was thrilled.
They felt so marvelously velvety and super stretchy.
The ideal fabric for wicked jeans.
Out of the blue, these leather pants became a hit at the Arcanum shop, shiny, smooth, stretchy and sexy.

How many guys are dreaming of a girlfriend wearing shiny clothes?

At the same time, I started posting on Instagram out of sheer pleasure and desire to experiment and each post was exciting.
How would people out there react, how would my girlfriends react?
No movie could lure me, the excitement came from Instagram.
One after another, men dared to ask how I got to wearing shiny fashion.
And there so are many guys out there, who would love to have a shiny woman on their side.
Could I help them convince their girlfriends to give some shiny leather pants a try aswell?

How to convince your girlfriend to wear shiny clothes.

If she says no on the first try, don`t give up!

She may say:
„That`s too daring! I would never wear shiny clothes in public! I`m not one of those girls!“
She may ask you whether you`re drifting off into a fetish direction now.
She may get upset about your idea.

Don`t let yourself be discouraged!

I love being convinced, even if I would never admit it in that very moment. I`m disappointed if they stop after the first try.
Meanwhile, I have come to enjoy cooking, eating or writhing on the couch in leather.

I feel sexy when I shine at home and I enjoy it!

This hasn`t always been the case. It took many baby steps to really relax and enjoy it.
If you want your wife or girlfriend to warm to the thought then be patient!
Break it down to her nice and slow.
Lure her with compliments and tell her how beautiful she looks when she`s shiny.

8 tips on how to convince your partner to shine

1. Talk about your desires and make suggestions. She can`t smell your wishes.

Think about the how to break it down to her. Create situations in which you can talk about your desires.

2. Show her celebrities, who wear leather or vinyl items in public.

Ask her why stars love to dress in leather. Ask her if she wouldn`t like to be a star herself.

3. Show her women next door in leather pants.

When you see women in shiny clothes, tell her that you like it and don`t be disheartened if you reap a lack of understanding. It`s the small steps that bring about progress.

4. Start with details. Give her a leather bracelet or a shirt with leather patches.

Get her accustomed to these fabrics in small steps. Leather and vinyl feel wonderful, sensual and smooth.

5. Keep paying her compliments, tell her how beautiful you find her when she is wearing shiny items.

6. As soon as you detect small positive reactions, buy her a pair of leather pants. And preferably a bottle of champagne with it!

7. If she doesn`t want to go out, convince her to wear the pants at home. She will love it!

Has she gotten used to being admired by you at home, then go out together.
She won`t be able to save herself from all the delighted gazes.
Ask her how she feels if admiring looks chase her on the way to the table in the restaurant.
Start by going out to a place where nobody knows you and enjoy the evening in anonymity.

8. Read this article to her.

Maybe it will make her smirk and she is down for that little tingly adventure to shine a little more than the others.
Hasn`t everyone dreamed of it before?

Lots of success and patience and let me know whether your efforts were successful!

Your truly,


Coat: Vinyl trenchcoat made by Christina – similar here at Arcanum
Pants: Arcanum SHINE! Vegan leather pants
Shoes: Steve Madden

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  • Mark says:

    Yes yes!!! It works! now my girlfriend has a lot of vinyl and pvc wear! Thanks Christina!