Have You Found Your Top Winter Style Yet?

Christina with a pink winter coat
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with a pink winter coat, black vinyl pants from Arcanum and grey overknees



4 warm winter outfits that always make heads turn!

Show your true colors and wear them!!!

Last winter I walked through Munich and counted how many people wore bright colors. I came up with 5%. What a shocking result. Do people really wanna drown in that grey mess? It`s usually pretty dark in winter anyway and the surroundings are grey. It`s so easy to just accentuate things with a few highlights. After all, we decorate our apartment for Christmas, too. Why? Because it is a ritual we celebrate.

Why would we want to remain grey? Since we are always short on time, we go out to get groceries in sloppy shabby every day wear.
Have you tried to imagine how this effects others? Wouldn`t it be great to inspire others? I`m always happy to see people that dress interestingly and exceptionally. I associate this with their personality. It makes me go like „Wow, this person has a story to tell!“

I got rid of the sloppy look after I was chilling at home in my jogging pants and my husband remarked that I looked like 9 months pregnant.Thanks! I walked over  the mirror and saw something shapeless. The jogging pants were 3 sizes too large and tight in the waist. He was right. The look was so darn gross that I disposed of it completely. Ostentatiously, I put on some supertight shiny lggings. It saved our day.

In this very moment I realized how we can completely change our effect with details. I put myself in my husbands shoes and pictured what my dream woman should look like or what she would be wearing. It works the other way around, too. A sharply dressed fellow appears sexy and interesting.

I think it`s fantastic if I get to watch such a cool dude at Edeka supermarket. This even turns  the act of purchasing toilet paper into something fun.
Even if we have little time, there should be a few minutes a day to ask ourselves:

What effect does my outfit have on others? Do I feel like a star when I leave the house?

How do I value myself?

You determine what you`re worth! Show it! Even in winter!

Show your joy about life!

Make others smile!

Be crazy and save „goody two shoes“ for a rainy day!

Here are my inspirations for winter to make you happy!

Get yourself into it and show your true colors!

You`re worth it!

Yours truly,



4 winterstyles – glamour and color for the world of winter

Look Nr. 1 – fake fur coat in pink, black vinyl pants and overknees

Shop the Look Nr. 1

Christina in Starnberg

Look Nr. 2 – vinyl pants, oversized shirt, oversized sweater and overknee boots

Shop the Look Nr. 2

  • Black vinyl pants „SuperShine!“by Arcanum
  • Grey overzized sweater no name, found at Amazon
  • White overzized men`s shirt by Van Laack
  • Overknees by Public Desire (similar here)

Christina with vinyl pants

Look Nr. 3 – black fake fur coat, black vinyl pants and red Sock Fit Boots

Shop the Look Nr. 3:

Christina in Munich

Look Nr. 4 – Golden fake fur coat, vinyl pats and black boots

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Christina with a golden winter coat from Arcanum