Have you Found your Spectacular Winter Style yet?

Christina mit Lackhose und Fellweste von Arcanum
Christina Striewski vanilla pearl mit Lackhose und Fellweste von Arcanum und goldenen Overknees von Public Desire

 3 winter outfits that are shiny and yet warm

It`s  dark and cold outside.

You have a date and you`re leaving the apartment.

The evening means a lot to you.

You want to shine.

You want to be noticed.

Your style is supposed to set you apart from all the rest.

Cool, elegant, stylish, sexy and happy at the same time.

How can this work? Do you feel like combining all these aspects?

For years, I had been looking for extravagant outfits and rarely found what I was looking for. It got to the point of me designing my own collection. Suddenly, my world turned colorful, happy, shiny and yet sophisticated. I`m so in love with this shiny world, that illuminated my grey every day life. It is my mission to make people shine, no matter man or woman. Splendor makes you happy and makes the whole world glow.

Are you in?

Then let yourself be inspired by my 3 extravagant winter styles.

We rock the party.

No one can stop us.

Let`s save boring for our next life.

We`re shining now!

Yours truly


Christina with vinyl pants and faker west

Christina with a golden winter coat and black vinyl pants from Arcanum

Christina with a turquoise winter coat from Arcanum

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