Gilthead seabream in wine jelly – a sensual pleasure

Verführung mittels Dorade auf Weingelee und weißem Zweigelt vom Weingut Diem

Gilthead seabream in wine jelly – a sensual pleasure

Seducation guaranteed! This recipe will rob you of your senses and take your breath away!

This seabream is served on a bed of wine jelly. Jelly itself already has a sensual consistency, however, the combination of jelly and seabream is the perfect seductress!
Do you have any clue what you`re in store for?
The jelly will melt on your tongue and will unfold roundels of flavors and consistency.
The recipe seems demanding, but is actually a cakewalk. Please try it! You will create a magic moment that noone who tastes it will ever forget!
I have rearranged a recipe from France over and over many times until it was just right. You will only get it here on Vanillapearl!
So be unique and flabbergast!
There is no way to resist this concoction nor you when you serve it.

Ingredients (serves 2):

2 gilthead seabreams, medium size (or char, salmon, trout)
1 lemon
¾ l fish stock
45g aspic powder
1 tbsp white wine vinegar
6 tbs sherry
2 eggwhites


Dissolve the aspic powder in a little fish stock (for about 10 minutes).
Then heat the remaining stock over low heat while stirring with a wisk. Stir in the soaked aspic powder, the sherry, the vinegar and the egg whites. Keep stirring until the mixture starts to boil. Boil for 3 more minutes, take it off the stove and let it sit for 5 minutes. Repeat this procedure (boiling and letting it sit). Moisten a clean linen cloth and wring it out. Spread the cloth out in a strainer and put the strainer into a bowl. Pour the liquid onto the linen cloth and let it rest for 2 hours. After that, pour the jelly onto a plate. It may take another hour until the jelly becomes firm.
In the meantime, sprinkle the seabreams with lemon juice and olive oil. Shortly before serving, sear the fish in oil and season with salt and pepper. Seabreams have a very firm flesh, that`s why they are ideal for frying. When the skin comes off easily with a fork, they are done.
Arrange the fish on plates when it`s done and dress the jelly around it to create the impression that it` s resting on a bed of jelly. If you place the fish directly on the jelly, it will melt. Garnish with a few slices of lemon and here we go!
New potatoes and spinach make for perfect sides of this fish dish.

The perfect wine recommendation for this dish comes from the Hacker winestore.

Christine Hacker:
Diem Blanc de Noir

My wine recommendation is as exciting as this extravagant dish. As a perfect wine complement for this dish I recommend a Blanc de Noir Zweigelt. The charming couple of Andrea and Gerald Diem from the mystic „Weinviertel“ in Lower Austria create

this flamboyant white wine from a red grapevine.
The strong flavor of the Zweigelt blends with the cool freshness of a white wine to form a devine taste adventure.
Let yourself be seduced!