These feet are made for walking!

Die Magie des Gehens

The wondrous magic of walking
Walking liberates and heals – promise!

Does life weigh heavy on your chest sometimes?
Free yourself from constant worrying about the same old, same old.
Walking, which is seemingly aimless, further and further, longer and longer, sorts your mind.
I started walking because I was suffering from unbelievable pain in my back. When I lay still, it just got worse. My inner voice was urging me to just walk.
Since that day, I have been walking. Every day.
After I had been walking for hours for a week, even the back pain subsided. Suddenly, new doors were opening, I became one with my surroundings, the trees, the animals, the sky and the clouds. New ideas and thoughts surfaced. Get out, when something tortures you. Just keep walking. You will find that your feet will carry you into new dimensions. Too often, we let ourselves be locked into a cage of endless errands and problems. Only YOU hold the key to this cage!
Open this gate and go outside!
Keep walking!
Breathe and keep on walking further.
What do you hear?
What do you feel?
Who are you?
Formulate requests.
Very specific requests.
Over and over.
When I walk through the forest and get to the clearing, there is my bench. This is my place. All my wishes I have sent off from there have come true. Wishes do come true. Find a magic place from which you can send off your wishes to the sky. Then keep walking and let go. And breathe!
Walk every day for as long as possible. Until you find that inner peace. You will see. You mind will set itself free and your body can heal itself.

Rousseau and Plato did the same. Rousseau walked the streets of 18th century Paris for hours while philosophizing. For the sake of the soul we have to train the body, he thought. All philosophers had their best thoughts and ideas while walking.
You don`t have to be a philosopher to have this experience.
Open your front door and step outside.
Take a step and then another one. Start now and walk a few steps more every day. The magic of walking will catch up with you sooner than you think!
Start walking now, towards your own freedom!