Bass and Belldancing – Bavaria meets the Middle East

Barsch mit Orangen - Safran Soße und Pinienkernen
Barsch beim Bauchtanz mit Safran und Orangensoße

Bavarian rascal in a caftan
Bass in orange sauce with saffron and pine nuts
I have a kinky streak (which I am quite proud of!), and besides, I just don`t do classic recipes.
I tried.
„Forelle blau“ („trout en bleue“) definitely turns purple with me, and I my classic carrots get a touch of marjoram whether they like it or not.
I don`t even think about it, it just happens. My hand reaches for the Garam Massala and- boom!- my roast pork is wearing a turban!
Sometimes an experiment goes down the drain or my guests lose focus. Never mind!
Experiments are the spice of life. After all, who wants to eat porridge every day?
I was inspired to do this experiment after getting saffron directly from Iran.
The fresh, red threads taste strange, almost perverted when eaten in large doses. Perversion in high doses can affect your stomach. When used in moderation, it`s an aphrodisiac, like saffron.
Saffron infatuates me. Saffron symbolizes Arabian Nights/1001 nights. Saffron invigorates the senses.
The third experiment with my belly dancing bass finally succeeded. I tampered with the saffron twice, used too many of the orange threads, which lowers the bass to a bystander. I didn`t mean to – pardon me, bass!
An orange sauce, infused with/enchanted by saffron works as an „escort service“ for the small filets of bass. Roasted pinenuts seem to like saffron and vice versa, as they harmonize wonderfully. Can you imagine the flavor? My guests were moaning with excitement. And when you`re moaning, you`re not thinking rationally. You`re simply enjoying.
Mission completed!
Seduce your loved ones by surprising them.
Serve a Bavarian bass and carry away your guests into Arabian Nights/1001 nights.
Try it and let me know which character of Arabian Nights your guests turned into!
You`re bound to be enchanted!
I use small bass filets from domestic fish farms
for this dish. I refuse to serve nile perch.
You will find out where to order the fish, saffron and pine nuts at the end of this post, in case you don`t have a fish store in your neighborhood.
Alternatively, you may use any other fish.

Ingredients (serves 4):
about 8 bass filets ( char or whitefish work wonderfully, too)
100g pine nuts
1 lemon
1 zucchino
4 carrots
4 tomatoes (off the vine)
1 twig of marjoram
young potatoes
some butter for frying
For the sauce:
1 small round box of saffron
100g butter
1 orange
salt and pepper to taste
Marinate the fish with lemon juice and freshly groud pepper.
Heat the butter in a skillet, add the juice oft he orange and simmer down.
Add saffron, pepper and salt and let it simmer for a few minutes more.
Boil the potatoes. Roast the pine nuts in a pan without oil (they contain enough fat).
In the meantime, chop the vegetables and sear them in olive oil. Add salt and pepper and the fresh marjoram.
Fry the carrots first, as they take longer.
When they`re half done, add the other veggies and fry on medium heat for about 2-3 minutes. They will be done quickly because they are small.
Enjoy and bon appetit!
As usual, our wine recommendation comes from The Hacker wine store.
Christine Hacker writes:
I recommend a rather unobtrusive white wine with this gently cooked fish. It should blend in well with the butter-orange sauce, too.
I am convinced to have found THE wine for you which harmonizes perfectly with this combination.
The „Grey Burgundy“ from the Gruber winery in Austria has caused a stir among gourmets. After all, it`s the perfect complement to fish dishes and knows how to make them shine.
Despite ist fruity style it`s never obtrusive, however it surprises you with ist sensational freshness.
Sources: In case you don`t have a fish store in your neighborhood, just order online!
Fish: Lachskontor – fresh fish ONLINE
Organic saffron and pine nuts Corsmoveda – the spirit of Ayurveda.
Organic pine nuts: Rapunzel
PS: We advertise from conviction and we`re not being paid!
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