Are You Ready for Your Shiny Show?

Christina in Llandudno Kapstadt
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with black leather pants from Arcanum in LLandudno Capetown

Ordinary is so 2018!

Which color is your most iconic jacket? Which color are the coolest shoes you have? What material is your hottest pair of pants made of?

Our desire for spring should be exploding just like the flower buds are.  

So good riddance to mold and dust, away with old clothes.

Shine and beam like a star in the sky and bring joy to others. No matter where you are. You`re the center of the universe. Isn`t that fantastic? I feel happy when I`m smiling. I feel even better when I`m dressed in cheerful way. And when I feel fantastic, my great mood infects others.

You know the effect when you`re on the subway and someone`s yawning, immediately everyone else starts yawning. A heavy fatigue grabs a hold of you and engulfs you.

Why don`t we do it the other way around? I always try to smile even if I`m not feeling particularly well. This discipline immediately makes me feel better.

Step 2 is the outfit. A touch of glamor makes us feel glamorous.

A touch of shine illuminates us.

Start dreaming big. Imagine you`re the star of your favorite movie. Imagine this very precisely. Every detail must be perfect. Try to turn this vision into reality step by step. Start with your shoes. Why don`t you walk around on the beach in high heels for a change? It doesn`t always have to be handy. But it must be fun! Celebrate yourself! You have a responsibility! You`re the center of the universe and you will always be! Realize how priviledged you are and show it. The effect is incredible. People will start seeing you with all new eyes as the will feel your thoughts. And you won`t be able to think of anything else but that you`re the chosen one! Unique! Extravagant! Cheerful!

Freddy Mercury wasn`t running around in grey knits either!

Your misson starts now!

I`m dying to know what the name of your favorite movie is!

Be unique and shine!

Yours truly,


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Black vinyl pants by Arcanum

Christina Striewski mit pinker Lederhose , Prototyp in Kalkbay Südafrika
  • RMS says:

    I know since I adopted shiny vinyl trousers as my regular workwear in my office – I’ve three pair now! – I feel more creative at work, more expressive and simply have more fun. I look forward to getting dressed for work, and coming up with something colourful to compliment the shiny black of my trousers. Who can’t have fun with that?

    Shoes? I’ve brightly coloured Converse sneakers – mint green, pale blue, lemon yellow, coral and burgundy. They are good fun to wear with shiny black vinyl trousers

    I’m not sure I quite have the shiny confidence to try a pair of high heels! 🙂 Although of I’m honest I have to admit that sometimes I secretly think it would be kind of fun just to see what it felt like to wear a pair…

    Favourite movie? I like oldies – The Thomas Crown Affair would be right up there my favourites, the original of course with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway, not the silly remake!

    • Thank you very much for this wonderful comment. You are a very big inspiration for all men. Keep up your great style, you are amazing.

      • RMS says:

        Thank you. I always find your columns inspiring. It certainly is a fun style and how nice to step outside the boring old normal and actually enjoy getting dressed for a day at the office!

  • RMS says:

    Just a quick note to wish you and your family a very happy and shiny Easter holiday weekend, from my and my family over here

    I meant to add this to my previous comment but forgot!

    All the best