Are you ready for the new business look?

Vinyl pants made by Christina
Vinyl pants made by Christina Vanillapearl Arcanumfashion Business Look

Be a daredevil! No guts, no glory!

Dare to break the mold!

Every day, I walk one step further.

Every day, I try to create new things.

Every day, I try to change something.

Are you ready?

Are you going to embark on this journey with me?

It might make your heart skip a beat. But you get used to it.

By now, I love making my heart skip a beat every day.

When was the last time you felt your heart race? Why was your heart beating fast in that situation?

Unfortunately, we tend to avoid situations like that. Because we are afraid. Afraid of stupid looks. We become self-conscious. We become ashamed. We would love to just bury our head in the sand and never take it out again.

Why? Because 1% of the people watching might make a stupid comment?

Let`s  s rather be happy about the other 99% who are thrilled!

Imagine going to the office in a perfect yet daring outfit.

As long as you don`t work in a bank or a conservative company with a dresscode, you might aswell try it!

It doesn`t even have to be the office right away. You cold start out by going out for dinner in this outfit. Try it!

The reactions will thrill you! And palpitations are part of the deal!

During our last photoshoot in Munich, my hubby Ralph wanted me to pose in front of a really hot car in Maximilianstraße in order to get a really spectacular picture.

The problem was that there were crowds of people standing in front of that car trying to take a picture. I was embarrassed to pose in front of the car in vinyl pants.

„Go!“, my husband said. „It`s your only chance!“

Ok. I stalked past the crowd on my heels that were way too high and stood in front of the car. You can imagine the way I was feeling. Everyone stared at me. Oh no! I had no other choice. Then something strange happened to me. I was not in the middle of the  situation any more, but rather outside of it. I disassociated myself. I thought: „I don`t know this person in front of the car!“

That made it easier for me. I didn`t see the people any more and solely thought of the picture. It worked and the shocking stares disappeared. After that, we both laughed.

Isn`t it those very moments we remember with great joy?

Why not?

What could possibly happen?


It`s these moments that spice up your day. Don`t overthink!

Just do it! Make your heart flutter! And maybe even other people`s! Please them with your shiny appearance!

Be a star and shine like a star!

Brighten up your everyday life by glowing like a comet!

Be bold and extravagant and stop hiding!

You`re much too special for that. There`s only one YOU in the world.

The moment you show apperciation of life on the outside aswell as on the inside will make many things change.

Make your heart flutter in small moments! Get out into the spotlight! It`s your performance!

Do it now!

Can you hear the applause?


Your truly,



  • James Boots says:

    Dear Christina,

    a few days ago I stumbled upon your website and I can’t stop reading your posts since.
    Your advice to live your life the way it makes YOU happy are SO true! It only took me about 40 years to figure it out… I am hetero male, middle-aged but inside feeling more like thirty-something.
    I’m a 70/80’s kid (the era of silently admiring leather and cowboy boots) and finally some years ago I decided to start wearing boots. Western style as they are tough looking and I wanted them to be noticed with heels and pointy toes.
    (I have the benefit of not needing permission as I’m single)
    With jeans they are already eye catchers but they really literally shine with leather pants of course. So I ordered one in Germany and I can’t describe the feeling of opening that box the 1st time, smelling the leather, feeling the softness and then slipping them on!
    I also put on a nice shirt and my boots and the combination was just awesome. I stood in front of the mirror and realised: This is me! It felt complete natural and I had never felt so good as in these clothes.
    Now, you write about being nervous in public yourself sometimes. For males this is much worse. I liked reading one of your posts where you encouraged men to wear shiny clothes also. If you hadn’t I wouldn’t have bothered you, I always assume most women disapprove of guys in leather and boots, except bikers I guess.
    Anyway, I’m usually not afraid to wear my leathers in public, I’ve even been out to dinner with family without a single comment. To others the boots attract more attention. The season, occasion and my mood determine if I want to shine or not, but I guess that goes for all type of clothing.
    To work I regularly wear 2 colours of nubuck leather pants. Nobody notices the fabric, female co-workers complimented me after I asked them how they liked my leather pants! That would be different with my shiny pair I’m afraid.
    From the inside the nubuck feels the same to wear, on the outside it’s a completely different story with the absence of the shinyness. You probably know what I mean but for now they are an acceptable proxy for ‘real’ leather.
    What remains is mustering courage to put on the real thing one day to the office. With your inspiration I might just get there.



    • Dear James,
      Thank you so much. I am very grateful about your open words. I`m sure that you are a big inspiration für your friends. Your passion for leather is fantastic.I would love to here more from you and your experiences and experiments. 😉 Tell me when you go to the office in leather. This would be very cool and is a big step into a new dimension.

      • James Boots says:

        Dear Christina,

        Autumn and winter are coming which means leather and boots, I can’t wait and I am so happy with your reaction! I am one of your many followers on Instagram and started posting my own story with pics and comments there also. It’s early days yet (2 posts) and I will never match your frequency of postings but if you’re interested I invite you to take a look at to watch my struggle for personal freedom. I dare not hope for it but your comments are more then welcome of course.

        Love, James

        • Dear James,
          Thank you very much for your comment and that you like my instagram account. It makes me very happy that you started to post pics of your outfits in instagram. I will take a look and give you a comment. I wish you a shiny week and a shiny autumn too.