You guys are courageous! That´s why I thank you so much!

Christina in Santorini
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with black leather pants from Arcanum in Santorini

Men are becoming more and more glamorous

A dream has come true.

I was so keen on your feedback for my fashion, my articles and my fotos.

The reactions are bigger than I could have ever hoped for. Thanks to you, guys, for your gratitude and your candor.

Women`s reactions are fantastic, however our inhibition level to wear shiny clothes is much lower than for you.

Vinyl pants has reached mainstream fashion for women. For men, not quite yet.

Many of you guys are thrilled by shiny pants. We can`t even keep up with the production of larger sizes, not only in fake leather but also in vinyl.

The refreshing honesty with which you tell me your stories is disarming. Some speak about their first endeavours with vinyl in public.

Others tell me how they present their outfits to their wife and children.

I`m thrilled and I think it`s highly courageous that you dare to always walk a step further.

Many think that they are alone with their desire for shiny fashion. But I have a grin on my face now, as I get similar emails every day. The enthusiasm is growing. More and more men love wearing leather pants and vinyl pants.

Because they think it`s stylish and sexy. Just like women do.

All your comments and mails give me the energy and the strength to go on.

Who could have thought?

Who could have anticipated that it would become my mission to build a bridge between shiny fashion and the public?

We are often unaware where our path will lead us.

In the beginning of a project, we often imagine things differently. From experience, setbacks and success a new direction arises. Your wonderful emails and daily comments have forged my path.

Something new has come about.

Men ask me for styling advice. They ask me for advice on how to persuade their wife to wear shiny clothes aswell.

Many men dare to leave the house for the first time in shiny clothes due to my articles.

This effect deeply moves me.

They listen to my advice.

They implement my advice.

This makes me happy.

And I`m just a designer producing clothes.

But suddenly I find myself amidst a swirl of philosophy, psychology, warmth and also love. A new dimension arose.

I don`t just give you advice.

You inspire me.

You are sexy in those outfits. It makes my creativity explode.

You tell me how you showed yourselves more step by step and I can pass on this advice.

I get to pass on this tingle and the joy and I feel pure happiness in each cell.

Thank you.

Let`s continue just like this and together make the world shine a bit more. Each of us can be a ray of sunlight that makes others happy. This is what changes the world.

Thank you for your joy.

Thanks you for your courage.

Thank your for your power.

Thank you for your smile.

I`m looking forward to a long and shiny journey with you.


Yours truly,


Links for the look: 

Blue vinyl dress made by Christina, Vanillapearl, prototype

Red overkness by Steve Madden

Black leather pants SHINE! by Arcanum

Kroko overknees by Public Desire

Christina in Santorini

Christina in Santorini

Christina in Santorini



  • CME says:

    I’m a 41 year old American man, happily married with a wife and a young daughter. I’m a mechanical engineer, a profession not known for people who care about fashion. I go to church on a weekly basis. I’m exactly the sort of person who isn’t supposed to care at all about fashion. But I love having fun with how I dress. And I love wearing leather pants and PVC-look pants, even to the office and to church. I used to be very self-conscious, scared to wear leather pants outside of Halloween or New Year’s. Now I find that people are very accepting of me. Some are encouraging, and some simply don’t care. It feels so much better than it used to to feel freedom in what I wear.

    Anyway, I love what you have to say. Greetings from America! 🙂

    • Thank you very much for this wonderful comment. It makes me very happy to see how you find this way to wear shiny clothes and that it is accepted everywhere. That you feel freedom in what you wear is a very big aspect too. You are an idol for the others. I wish you a happy and shiny year 2018. Greeting from Munich,

  • CME says:

    Vielen Dank for your response. (Ich spreche nur ein bissen Deutsch.) Haha, I wish I were an idol to others. 🙂 I’m pessimistic that I’ll ever get anyone else to wear shiny clothes. Basically everyone in my life is very practical with clothing, both men and women. Unfortunately, my wife, wonderful as she is, isn’t big on wearing shiny clothes. (She doesn’t like being the center of attention. I don’t want to be an arrogant person but I still love attention.) I’d love it if a friend started wearing bold clothes, but I’m starting to accept that I’m just unique among my friends and probably always will. I live in a part of the US is known for being very practical but very tolerant, so it’s quite likely people will continue to accept me and even encourage me for how I dress even as they wear boring as hell clothes.

    It’s interesting how encouragement comes from people you don’t expect. I was in church one Sunday, and an 80-something woman asked where my fancy red pants were. I was just wearing normal blue jeans that day, but the week before, I wore bright red leather pants to church. It was awesome to have someone encourage me so unexpectedly. Ironically, it is often younger people who are less accepting although of course many younger people are totally accepting.

    I hope to interact more. 🙂