3 Ways to Keep your Eyes on the Prize

Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit pinker Lederhose in Marrakesch

The ray of light between my curtains kisses me awake. My nose tingles. Awesome…I turn to the other side and enjoy my last 5 minutes of time.

And it goes BOOM!!!

I`m wondering how the heck I will get through my day with all these bills to pay??? Part of the latest delivery of pants wasn`t sewn properly. The ads went down the drain because the target group had been wrongly assessed.

It didn`t work out. The last 5 minutes were for nothing aswell as the next 8 hours. I felt like I had been sucked into a vacuum.

Why do I keep letting problems spoil my mood? Maybe I`m not an entrepreneur after all. No one has proven the opposite to me yet.

After 5 (!!!) years it dawned upon me. I kept making a serious mistake. All I kept focussing on with all of my energy were my problems. Permanently. I gave them more energy, that`s how they grew and eventually outgrew me.

I forgot the most important thing: THE GOAL!!!

What had happened to my goal? I had stopped thinking about it, so I didn`t dedicate any more energy to it. It had shrunk like a raisin.

It took me a lot of discipline to work on myself. These so- called problems are part of any project. Each and every one of them can be solved. If I don`t have the nerve for it, I might aswell drop the whole thing altogether.

I try to devote as much energy as possible to my goal. This

is how I revitalize it more and more.  After a while, it will manifest itself.

Happiness, joy, passion, energy, faith and audacity define my day.

I flushed overworrying, bickering, self-distrust and fear down the toilet. At least for the most part. It`s simply a matter of practise. It`s hard-core discipline.

The situation is exactly the way I think it is. If I think it is f—ed up, then f—ed up it is. Is this what I want?

So I prefer to think we can knock it out of the park! I believe in it. I have faith and I never take my eyes off the goal. This attitude has changed everything. The wheel has started turning. I didn`t just meddle with the screws, but the big wheel got back in focus.

Let`s sum up:

  1. Don`t give your problems endless energy. Solve them! It`s ist just a matter of organizing yourself.
  2. Replace negative thoughts with happiness, joy, passion, energy, faith and audacity.
  3. Direct your energy towards your big goal. EVERY DAY!!!

Don`t spin your wheels. Keep your eyes on the prize! I wish you good luck!

Stay unique and shiny,

Yours truly,


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  • RMS says:

    Very true. It is so easy to focus on the immediacy of what we are doing, the struggle to get where we want to go, that you lose sight of your goal – we need to remember to look at the big picture, what we want to achieve. Thanks again for another cheering upbeat post. I always enjoy them. Have a shiny weekend!