10 crazy ideas noone will copy anytime soon!

Christina, VanillaPearl in Pool black vinyl dress

How to make your every day life shine with pleasure!

Have you done or thought of something crazy yet todayt?

How long since your last fit of laughter?

When was the last time you made someone laugh?

Looking back it`s always those crazy and funny moments we remember with joy.

Just lately, my every day life was turning so grey and before it could melt into a grey mishmash with the weather I thought STOP! Enough!

So I put on my new leather pants, my trenchcoat, my vinyl Doc Martens, a black hat and some shades.

In this outfit, I walked to the next village.

Most people wear sweatpants and rubber boots on this path because it leads right through the woods. Not me!

I had barely taken 3 steps outside the door, when I got shocked stares by the elderly ladies from the neighborhood.

I focessed on walking past them with my head held high, feeling uneasy in my stomach.

However, just as I had made it 15meters past them, I could barely stop myself from laughing.

I somehow enjoyed this situation. I can`t even pinpoint it. The next gazes to hit me were exclusively positive.

One gave me an enthusiastic grin, the other smiled happily and even the sheep gave me a delighted „baaa“.

Happily I continued in my shiny outfit, felt excited and refreshed. Indeed, this daily walk turned into a tingly event.

Celebrate yourself and dress the way you would when you feel fantastic.

Do something crazy every day.

You don`t need to start by submerging yourself in a pool in a vinyl dress, but a few daring details in your outfit will make you and your surroundings grin.

Here is my personal list that will jazz up your daily life and is just a helluva lot of fun:

– Celebrate yourself by dressing shiny. You are the queen or the king of your life.

– Do not take yourself so seriously. Laugh about yourself!

– Crack jokes! Remember how your favorite joke goes and tell it at dinner tonight. Certainly no one is expecting it!

– Plan a trip to a completely new location. Chose a place you wouldn`t normally come up with. Be creative and discover new things.

– Go to a totally wicked restaurant or bar with friends. Already thinking of something? I`m sure you will.

– Buy the highest heels you can find and WEAR THEM. In case you`re a male, buy the most sophisticated, bougie leather shoes you have ever seen. You won`t be able to believe what kind of effect this has!

– Cook a totally extravagant meal for your loved ones and  host a theme night. I hosted a pink theme night lately. The decoration was pink. The food was pink and everyone was dressed in pink. The women anyway. The guys got a pink napkin and a pink toothbrush. This menu will soon to be seen on my blog!

– Whisk someone away to a secret place he couldn`t have dreamed of. Flow directly into this person and try to feel their desires.

– Give your collague or neighbor you find dull a funny present. A surprise is bound to happen and the joy will be inevitable!

– Invent a role within a story and try to act it out. I am usually Alice in Wonderland, because I love when the dimensions shift. Look at your surroundings through these glasses and watch the dimensions in your surroundings shift!

If you have crazy ideas, you can completely enchant your surroundings.

Put up new pictures and dispose of old stuff.

Transform yourself and your surroundings!

This is how you transform your life. Andi t`s those  very details that will turn into the essence of your dream world, which will become reality more and more every day.

Which color are your new glasses?

Yours truly,