You Will Be Rewarded!

Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit goldener Leggings in San Francisco

Why fate is on our side after all

The cold air feels like ice in my nose. It`s about to fall off. I`m inhaling what feels like minus 10 degrees Celsius with my nostrils, which feels like the sails of a boat in Antarctica.

I`m holding my cell in my hands as if I were paralyzed. One of my friends has called our friendship quits out of the blue. BAM! 3 days earlier, everything was still peaches and cream. We were laughing, fooling around and a great team. And now this slap in the face! It felt as if someone had stabbed me in the back with a knife. There was not even a chance for an explanation.


Well, I guess it wasn`t true frienship after all, I tried to console myself. It still hurt, though.

I always preach in my blog articles to focus on the positive in order to give it energy. Not the problem. I have been working on this strategyfor years. I usually pull on an imaginary rubber band around my wrist in my mind. It quietly hisses and hurts a bit. Stop! Change your thoughts, my voice tells me. This generally works very well, however, some wounds take time to heal.  They do take their time.

What happened after this incident was simply incredible. 3 days later, I received a call from my bank, that the credit for my studio had been approved. Not in a million years did I think this would happen.

I burst with joy. Was that a reward, I whispered to myself? Yes, it is, the words echoed from somewhere. I accepted it as such. Why not? If you don`t believe in miracles, they won`t happen.

So let`s believe in our  miracles or rewards with energy, love and faith.

It`s just the way you think it is.

You create!

You receive! By the way, men can do this aswell!

Look at all the situations in retrospect in which you were feeling like this. When did you think: Shit, I don`t get it!  What happened afterwards? I promise you, you will be rewarded. It`s like the scales. On the one side, something bad weighs in. On the other side, you`re extremely lucky. You are given something. Somebody you would have never exected to shows you extreme kindness. A project you didn`t believe in any more suddenly works out.

Oh my god, a miracle has happened, you may think.

I think it`s a reward. And I will even take it a step further. You can make wishes. You can wish for something specific. If you hadn`t suffered, your wish wouldn`t have come true.  If you do have to suffer, then you now know that there will be a reward already awaiting you.

Lift your head and glance into the light…

Do you already know what you`re going to wish for next?

Stay unique and shiny!

Yours truly,


Golden pants made by Christina for Arcanum