Do worriers slow you down?

Christina Vanilla Pearl in Lederkleid von Arcanum auf Treppe in Porec / Kroatien - made by Christina

Breathing is easier in clean air!

How to rid you life of haters, naggers and sourpusses

In one of my latest creative fits I came up with an insane vinyl leather dress. I adored the cut and the fit .

This dress fits like a glove! It`s soft, smooth and shiny, and even covers up those trouble spots. WOW! I was thrilled to present my latest creation at a party.

The reactions were ambivalent. For one, I was getting „Aaah!“, „Wow!“ and „Cool!“, on the other hand „How can you sell a dress like this!“ „Who on earth is going to  wear something like that?“ and „You might as well hustle in it!“

My euphoria vanished within 2 seconds and the dress remained in my closet for a while after that.

Christina - VanillaPearl - black leather dress and don´t worryChristina - VanillaPearl - black leather dress and don´t worry

Hold on! Stop! Reset!


It finally dawned on me that I had heard the worriers!

I`m down for my dress!

I believe in myself!

There`s always some negative feedback, that`s part of the deal.
Criticism is important and constructive criticism is productive.

Naggers, however, are a drag! I have learned to stay away from people who are no good for me.

I refuse to stay in touch with people who drain me more than they inspire me.

Time`s too precious not to focus on what`s important. I want to focus on what counts any second.
I don`t want to surround myself with people who deprive me of my precious time.

There are those who criticize in a loving way, and then there are the sourpusses.

Tobi Böck calls them „the inhabitants“ in his wonderful lecture and calls for a „life free of inhabitants!“
The “inhabitants” are those who steal your time, telling you their incredible problems and the problems of the whole world without being asked.

I`m with him: NO INHABITANTS! What about you?

He recommends the sentence „I am not available for this conversation!“ as a verbal pepper spray – just in case!

Philipp Plein is doing a hell of a job, however, fashion insiders are scrunching up their noses at the bully from Munich.

His comment on the haters:

“If you even start worrying about being accepted, you know what? You stop being yourself.”

Christina - VanillaPearl - black leather dress and don´t worry

Let´s stop the worriers to influence our lives!

Surround yourself with people who support you.
They are the foundation, when your own scaffolding is shaky.

With the right people in your corner flowers hat don`t even exist yet can grow.

Room for miracles will grow.

Rooms for magic will grow.

With the right people by your side, doors will open for you and the impossible becomes possible.

Who are the people by your side?

Do you feel secure and appreciated?

Remeber that you are the reflection of the 5 people you are most in contact with. Who are they? Are they on the same level you want to be on? Do you want to be the overlap of those 5 people?

Believing in yourself and believing in your fellows will make you weightless.

You should rid yourself of the shackles that keep you down sooner than later.

To me, it was a moment of bliss each time I freed myself from the shackles of the sourpusses and a huge success aswell.

Are you surrounded by people who let you fly or are you carrying stones on your legs that keep you from taking off?

You can chose your company – start today!



Christina - VanillaPearl - black leather dress and don´t worry

Dress: made by Christina

Christina is designer and owner of ARCANUM, – SHINY FASHION FOR SHINY PEOPLE

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  • Mark says:

    You are truly an inspiration for me. Wonderful work!