Why You Should Rock The Altar In Leather Pants

Christina - Vanilla Pearl in Arcanum Lederhose statt Brautkleid - Lack Trenchcoat made by Christina

Bliss in a bridal dress – for a day – then what?

What do a bridal dresss and leather pants have in common?

One morning, a friend called and asked me whether I could create and sew a bridal dress for a friend of hers.
A little reluctant, I agreed. I sensed what I was in for.
A lot of work for little money and brides in front of the altar can be exhausting, can`t they?
The same afternoon my doorbell rang and a pretty young woman was standing right in front of me with a huge belly.
„8 months!“, she grinned. Over coffee she let me in on her dilemma.
Her belly was growing constantly and she wanted to get married before the baby was born. – in a bridal dress.
But where to find one she would still fit in in 2 weeks?
Money was too tight to mention and the dilemma was huge.
Of course, my heart melted. A bride without a gown can`t get married.

Christina - Vanilla Pearl in Arcanum VEGAN LEATHER PANTS at the O2 Building Munich - shine and be happy!

Viscose at the altar – Not an option!

Cotton would have to do, she thought. There wasn`t any more money in the budget. The fabric should be light blue. I calmed her down, promised her the best dress on earth and went shopping for fabrics. Cotton in light blue, viscose in light blue…for a wedding? Never! I wouldn`t ever drink little red riding hood`s lemonade for a wedding – only champagne!
My hands were refusing to buy cotton for the most beautiful day in life. Viscose for a wedding ceremony is a no go.

The bride is wearing silk
After hours spent in Munich` s finest fabric stores I was holding the most beautiful silk in my hands I had ever seen and felt.
Silk was the fabric/ stuff (im übertragenen Sinne) this dress had to be made of! It was 4 times the price of the other fabrics. The budget was exhausted. Screw it! Press on regardless! I couldn`t make the dress from any other fabric. I just couldn`t. The silk had woken my desire and I got to work.
While cutting the pattern I added extra space for the belly that was swelling by the hour.
Almost as if magically remote controlled the fabric was sliding through my fingers. The silk had to get to the bride.

Bridal dresses – bliss for a day
2 days before the wedding, Jasmin showed up and tears were shooting up her eyes.
„Raise your hands!“, I said and put the dress on her. It slid on her body and fit snug like a glove.
It was all too much for her. She broke out into tears and hugged me.
All the effort was worth it for that one moment of bliss. I couldn`t tell who was more happy – she or I.
The moment the tears were welling up in her eyes has changed my life, too.

Clothes will make you happy – or not!
Choose the products you wear.

Christina - Vanilla Pearl in Arcanum VEGAN LEATHER PANTS at the O2 Building Munich - shine and be happy!

Christina – Vanilla Pearl in Arcanum VEGAN LEATHER PANTS at the O2 Building Munich

Today I know what I work for, what I design for.

Making other people happy lifts us up, too.

A smile, a laugh we have caused makes our day and changes our life.

Over time, my fascination with weddings subsided.
Some of my friends were already getting divorced. Some dared to tie the knot again. However, the need for bridal gowns subsided considerably, which was fine with me.
I wasn`t about wedding gowns any more. I got back to my roots, shiny clothes.

Faux leather pants will make you happy – every day!

A decade ago, artificial leather pants were considered to be a more sophisticated version of a plastic bag.

Nowadays, every shiny detail, every color, every kind of stretch can be fabricated.
Today`s high-tech products are simply breathtaking.
There are endless, breathtaking possibilities. I fell in love with faux leather.

Vegan leather is the stuff my dreams are made of.

I want to create moments of happiness from these fabrics, not just for a moment at a wedding day, but for every day.

You guys and girls should slide into my pants the way a bride slips into her gown.
And even if won`t bring tears to your eyes, the very least thing you can expect is a smile that will brighten up your face. My pants must feel like cashmere, fit like a glove, and won`t constrict you anywhere, not even after a 5 course meal.


Christina - Vanilla Pearl in Arcanum VEGAN LEATHER PANTS at the O2 Building Munich - shine and be happy!

Feel strong, sexy and happy without suffering!

My passion drives me to create pieces that make you and me happy and that make us feel strong and sexy.
I myself feel that way when I wear my own creations.
When you feel the magic of a bridal gown wearing leather pants, when you feel like a bride on her wedding day every day, I have succeeded. We only wear a wedding gown once.
However, you can enjoy the happiness that comes with wearing leather pants every day.
Maybe we should get married in clothes we can wear every day and which remind us of the happiness of those magic moments.
Maybe leather pants can be an option for the second time around?
What do you think?
It`s worth thinking about, isn`t it?

Yours truly,

Leather Pants: Arcanum  Vegan Leather Pants – next generation – available from November 16th in the Arcanum Shop
Top: Jean Paul Gaultier
Jacket: Neopren Jacke Wace Sky Arcanum
Trenchcoat: Made by Christina – Model similar: Arcanum Trenchcoat Skin
Shoes: Aldo

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