Why Glamour Makes you Shine so Bright

Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit schwarzer Kunstlederhose von Arcanum im Hugo´s Starnberg

Styles for happy moments

Before you know it, it`s getting colder.

Wow, that was fast! What does this imply? The short skirts or pants are off to the second row, and our beloved vinyl pants are back in the limelight.

What are your plans for fall?

What are your goals? What are the goals behind the goals?

Why do you love striking outfits? Is is possible that you radiate joy with your outfit? Could it be that you`re making a point with it?

I love spicing up my every day life. When cooking, I experiment over and over every day and in fashion, I love to surprise. A funny detail, a hot pair of shades, coole shoes and looks are changing already. A smile in the face, that`s how easy it is.  The world doesn`t belong to the haters. They`re part of the deal though, because they raise people`s interest in us. That`s free PR.  I`m thrilled. If noone talks trash about you, you`re boring. Then you`re mainstream.

There´s so much to discover! Let`s see the world through a child`s eyes together. They see so much more than we do. Our way of thinking limits us. If you say it`s black, it`s not just simply black. There are a million shades of black. The color is as you say it. You determine your surroundings. If it`s all bad, then it is because you say so.

Isn`t it way better then to say life is beautiful? I`m happy for every day in this world and I show it by glowing and shining. As soon as you shine, you pass on happiness. And if you just make one person smile, the effort was worth it. Isn`t that the goal behind the goal?  Small step, big effect. It`s our responsibility to bring light into the world with a little joy we spread.

Isn`t a shiny performance a wonderful symbol of our joy?

I, for my part, am looking forward to you and all your wonderful comments you leave here in Vanilla`s world.

Thank you!

Stay shiny and unique!

Yours truly,


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  • RMS says:

    You’re so right – shiny is an expression of joy and the delight in going your own way, revelling in not following the rigid fashion dictates laid out by a censorious society. I like my shiny black vinyl trousers and colourful retro Converse trainers because they are fun. Wearing them takes me out of my button-down self and let me express my own inner bohemian that has been too long locked away and make up a little for the boring sobriety of my youth. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the poem “Warning” by Jenny Joseph and its famous opening line “When I am old…I shall wear purple, with a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me, and I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves… If you haven’t read it you should look it up – you, especially, would enjoy it, I think.

    • Thank you very much for the inspiring words. I will read this poem. You have already found the right style of living. So I am sure that you are a very happy person. Have a shiny and happy weekend,