What`s your Goal behind the Goal?

Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit schwarzer Kunstlederhose in Visnjan Kroatien

A true vision changes your goal

We attend elementary school for 6 years and don`t need to worry about a thing.

Reading and writing are the basic skills, then we attend some kind of secondary school and also don`t need to worry. It`s all about studying in order to come up one day. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not so much. At the end of the day, most of us somehow find their way or some kind of way.  Until then, we don`t really need to think. The goal ist o make a living. What does this mean? I follow a profession, hopefully successfully, and pay my taxes. Are you feeling it? When reading, this  your feet fall asleep. How boring.

Imagine you`re free as a bird, light as the wind and  burning like a fire. You can be anything. You change the world, you ARE, you don`t just function.

Your vision is what gives your studies a purpose.

Studying is a tool. A wonderful tool to shape  your dreams.

So, what`s your goal? Whats`s the goal behind your goal?

The bigger your vision, the easier it is to make it come alive.

I have always wanted to create fashion. I studied to be a fashion designer, worked in the fashion industry for a few years, where I watched closely how to not just design a collection, but also how to produce it. I had learned enough to reach the next level.

After that, I created my own company with my studio so that I could combine work with my family life and work from home. It worked out wonderfully, but something was missing. I still hadn`t produced my own collection. Years later, we expanded and it was finally time. 6 years ago, my first collection hit the market. We had made it.

But as hard as it was to believe, something was still missing…

I had to ask myself a few fundamental questions:

What`s the goal behind my goal?

Sell pants and make money off of it?

No, that couldn`t be it. People can live without these pants. What did I really want to achieve? To become a famous designer? I could give a rat`s ass about that. What is it that is really important then? I was blessed with a heavensent gift: I learned how to write. I new tool was born. A tool to get to people. A tool to create a certain sense of life. A tool to transport love and values. The comments on my blog are overwhelming.

Shiny fashion became a symbol of joy, happiness, independence, fun and faith.

Now it is complete. Now I know why I make fashion. It is the train to a different dimension. With the vision, which is larger than a piece of clothing, the surroundings have changed. We suddenly realize that we can`t just create fashion, images or food. We suddenly realize that we can completely create our surroundings. We are fulfilled by something larger than an object or money. We are filled with deep love and joy. My entire work has paid off for a single smile I can put onto the face of a sad person.

What`s the goal behind your goal?

Stay unique and shine!

Yours truly,


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  • RMS says:

    I think the joy you have found in doing what you love, and the realisation that you can boost the spirts of others, comes through very clearly in your blog and in your fashions. It is always uplifting to read your posts and a happy reminder that there is more to life than the workaday grind. In my particular case, creative joy is found in writing and images, and although our creative fields are different I find your posts useful reminders of what’s important. As for me, my own goal behind the goal is to shift into fiction, away from the magazine writing world.
    And yes, you’re quite right. Shiny fashion is indeed a symbol of joy, happiness, independence fun and faith. I’m so glad I braved the look. I love the sense of creativity, independence and unconventionality I feel when I sit down to write in my shiny jeans and colourful retro sneakers, not really giving a damn for the staid old naysayers. And so you can rest assured that your efforts have definitely sprouted smiles over here. Have a great day.

    • Thank you very much for these wonderful words. It makes me very happy that you think in the same way and that you live the same. In every word I can read your happiness about life, stay as wonderful as you are and stay shiny, you are great.
      Yours Christina

  • ouanes says:

    je remercie de bien plaisir tout connaissance a saluts honneur avenir de bien vouloir grand bonheur invitation plaisir plus magnifique