The Ultimate Guide to Dress You Up in 10 Minutes

Christina Celebrity Style in Arcanum vegane Lederhose Shine und Kunstfellmantel
Celebrity Style in 10 Minuten - Christina - Vanilla Pearl.

How to perfectly dress you up in 10 minutes

Tips when things get heated before the party starts.

We are all familiar with this scenario. A great invitation is coming up and for days we feel like we have all the time in the world to get prepared for it.
And boom! It`s high noon and we don`t have the slightest clue what to wear.
I`m done getting all stressed out about my choice of clothing.
All of us are working all of the time, that`s why an invitation should be a reason for joy and not turn hectic.

A party disaster showed me it´s time to organize dressing up!

Some years ago, I had a key moment that changed everything.
A friend invited me to a party in Munich and I confirmed immediately.
5 minutes later, I had forgotten about the appointment.
On the day of the event, my friend called to remind me of the invitation.
Oh no, I had forgotten all about the party and didn`t have the slightest clue what to wear.

A few minutes before departure I squeezed into a dress, which I had worn on previous occasions of this kind.
The zipper would barely close. „Damn!“, I thought.
The nylons had a runner and the shoes didn`t match the outfit either.
The bag was stuffy, my hair was hanging down straw-like and my fingernails were dirty and broken.
Of course, one of my favorite earrings has disappeared and the lipgloss was empty.

„That sounds really great!“, I thought. My nerves were shot.
As we were already in the car, it was too late for everything.

„Screw it!“, I thought. It will be ok.

And just imagine murphy`s law!
What can go wrong, will go wrong.

Just as I got in the car, the runner in my nylons went up 4 inches.

I felt uncomfortable.

The dress was squeezing me everywhere. I could barely breathe and I looked unfavorable.

Unfortunately, I had to admit that my outfit really sucked.

As soon as we hit the party, I killed a couple of proseccos in order to lift my spirits.
I did succeed for a little bit. As always, I was the first one to hit the dancefloor.

And then it happened.
My dress tore from the side seam all the way from top to bottom. And what`s worse, I didn`t even notice!

Only when a friend called my attention to it, I ran from the dancefloor.

The evening was ruined. Almost. Thank God I had brought a cardigan I could pull over.
And thank God I was able to catch my breath again.

So the evening turned out to be fun after all, but I made a vow: This will never happen to me again!

In the months following the party, I got myself a basic collection of clothing items of about 4-5 complete sets. One for every occasion.

I regularly update these outfits with new details and complement them. I even keep a record.

The ultimate instructions how to dress perfectly in 10 minutes – hassle free

With some basic equipment and a few extravagant details, you can stage yourself within minutes.

The basics

We will start with the basics. To be able to play around a little with your choice of clothes you need basics that can be combined with most items.

– 1 simple shirt in black, white and preferably gray

– 1 plain-colored knitted sweater

– 1 black cardigan. You always need this one anyway. I have to buy a new one every year because I constantly lose mine at some party.

– 1 pair of shiny pants, perfect fit

In addition, you should have the following:

  • 1 trenchcoat, 1 leather jacket, 1 winter coat, 1 hat, 1 bag and 1 pair of gloves. A little extravagance will go a long way
  • jewelry and accessories, that only you own
  • your personal makeup equipment, complete

Your personal fashion show – final rehearsal! 

Take out an evening of your time and stage a personal fashion show just for yourself or at best with your BFF and chose your 3-5 favorite combinations.

Be careful to create your own style.

Stress main points that you will be known for.
Complement your outfits with special details. Anything counts, rings, glasses, hats, necklaces, bracelets,…

Imagine the celeb you like best. Try to fully put yourself in their shoes. How does this person stage itself?

What does she wear?
What are her trademarks?
Sometimes it`s enough to just copy a few details to be striking. A hat, a pair of oversized earrings, red lipstick or wild hair?

You can stress one detail

It is important to never stress 2 details at the same time. This means use either strong eye makeup OR red lipstick. Either a super short skirt OR a low cut cleavage. Just chose one or the other or you could end up looking cheap.

Conservatively used this will look sophisticated.

For example, if you match a hot tight pair of pants with a loose-fitting knitted sweater. Or oversized earrings with a turtleneck.

Take time to experiment

Write down which details you like best.
Choose more striking variants and a more subdued one in order to adjust your outfits to your mood.

Keep order so you don`t wind up having to search for something when things get heated.

Play it again in your head. How many minutes do you need? I`m now at 8-10 minutes without makeup.

If you are prepared in this exact way you can get perfectly dressed within 10 minutes and the night belongs to you!

Have lots of fun at your next invitation. Please tell me about your experiences!


Yours truly,


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Pants: vegan leather pants – Arcanum SHINE!
Coat: fake fur coat – Arcanum Crystal Pink
Shoes: Aldo

  • Andy says:

    Great tips for all and love the black with the pink. Such a striking look and suits you so much 🙂