The Way to Pleasure is Through the Stomach

Christina Striewski Vanillapearl backt Brot

An ode to pasta, bread and wine.

Eating is a ritual. A holy act. I hate it when people eat in a hurry walking by.

What`s  more beautiful than being able to enjoy a dish prepared with love and pleasure with our loved ones?

Image it`s the last day of your life. How would you spend it?

Life is too precious and too short to go without all the treasures that surround us.

Pasta makes people happy. Whenever I feel beat and moody, I eat pasta, bread or potatoes. Instantly, my body is flushed with energy and happiness.

We lost friends due to the husbands bickering about the 6 different kinds of bread in a starred restaurant and his issue with carbs. He dug his own grave.

Listen to your intuition. Your body is much smarter than you think. I have always followed my intuition. I have always broken rules. All hail to a bit of decadence. It`s the very thing our soul needs.

I used to work in the movie industry back then. In my breaks, I would put a coke bottle to my lips. Immediately, a colleage came and explained to me in detail how unhealthy coke is, and hey presto! – the bottle was empty. It tasted 3 times as good. I was happy.

High spirits and pleasure are great for the soul. Happiness keeps us healthy.

What`s your menu for the last day of your life? I bet it`s not detox smoothies.

Enjoy life, enjoy it now, not tomorrow.

Celebrate yourself and your food with time and love.

I do so 3 times a day, 2 of which I cook. I`ve been doing it for many years and it was in those moments of celebration that I had the best ideas. Give in to this magic. Cook with love, knead your energy into the dough and enchant your family and friends in this way. They will be at your feet.

No supplement in the world can replace this. Have you reconsidered your menu? Then you know what to do now.

Are you a cooknerd yet? Then all you lack is a bit of splendor on your skin. And if you`re already cooking in shiny clothes, I commend you for your luck.

Stay unique and shiny,

Yours truly,


Christina Striewski Vanillapearl is cooking in her kitchen and wearing self-made fake leather .
  • RMS says:

    I have a much-prized Le Crust cooking pot in which I love to create casseroles and stews – sweet potatoes are among my favourite ingredients. But I love pasta as well, and like you, don’t care a bit what the naysayers say. Food is to be shared and enjoyed, and gathering together to eat should be a happy time – not being hung-up on cholesterol and carbs. I have a recipe for sweet potato and chick pea vegetarian chilli which I a very fond of, and another for sweet potato saag aloo.

    And yes, I find that cooking in shiny clothes – or writing, or editing photos or indeed anything creative – enhances the pleasure of it all. There is something wonderfully liberating about embracing your own shiny style, and letting loose your inner bohemian, that gives creativity a big boost and makes you feel more generous in spirit.

    • Thank you very much for these wonderful words. You know how magic this way of living is. Your recipe sounds amazing. I love sweet potatoes too. Have a shiny and delicious week,