The Joy of Peoplewatching

Christina Vanillapearlö mit schwarzem Lackoutfit in Volosko
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit schwarzem Lackoutfit in Volosko Kroatien

I will keep on watching even though I get caught in the act each time. Gotcha! I just wanted to take a peek when suddenly I found my eyeballs stuck to those of my counterpart.

There we go again, another one who`s got the hots for me, he may think. But I have no problem getting in line. I have no problem admitting it. I love watching people, women, men, children. Young, old, all of them.

In summer, I could sit and watch people passing by in a cafe for hours. Have you ever thought about who you love to watch? Or who you love to watch the most when you`re thinking of nothing? I`m sure it`s the person who sticks out the most. The person that shines, the one that radiates. Those kind of people spread more energy than those moving in the shadows. And since all people are watching them, they keep getting even more energy. A heavenly circle. Life`s a bitch. So what does this imply for us? Yes, that`s right, let`s  smile and spread joy.

Secondly, let`s not just shine from within but also from without, and that is always because someone could secretly be watching.

Isn`t this idea fun? Oh, how much I`d love to watch you and shoot you some admiring looks.

I love it when people stick out from the crowd and grin like a Cheshire cat on top of that. This is what makes me happy. It fulfills me, because these people are making a statment and are living proof that you can almost always be happy. Even if it`s still January and the grey is becoming greyer by the hour.

There we go, have you shined and smiled yet today?

Stay unique and keep on shining!

Yours truly,


Black vinyl pants made by Christina for Arcanum

Christina in Volosko
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit schwarzem Lackoutfit in Volosko Kroatien
  • Roff says:

    I remember your story about this photo shoot! Very funny. I too am a keen people watcher – at airports, cafes, train stations, even riding around in my bicycle where I get brief glimpses of these human vignettes unfolding around me. As a student of human nature, and people watcher, I certainly notice and appreciate those who express themselves through fashion – it tells a story, a nice satisfying story of being at ease with yourself, happy, confident, expressive and, most importantly liberated! A great way to be.

  • Dear Roff, Thank you very much for these wonderful words. You are right. It`s so amazing to watch people who expresses themselves through fashion. We can see how they feel and how they want to be. A very big inspiration to see. I wish you a happy day,