Take off like a rocket with these overknees!

Overknees and Vinylpants
Overknees and vinyl pants with off shoulder blouse by Vanillapearl

Crazy style with huge fun factor! Match vinyl pants with these overknees!


Fashion must be crazy and fun, otherwise it won`t make me tingle.

Do you find yourself yawning at all those „norm core“ outfits aswell? Don`t dare to be striking, try your best to look like the window dummy in the pedestrian zone? Horrible! Not my kind of thing and not yours, either!

Aren`t we all old enough to step out of the thicket of the „dressed alike“?

I have always liked flabbergasting people with a spectacular outfit. A spectacular appearance turns me on. For years, I have been putting together my favorite outfit and topping it off with a striking detail, such as shiny shoes, flashy jewellery or shiny tops.

Yesterday a package arrived at my door. I had no clue what it could be. My husband Ralph, instagramhusband and pilot, was grinning. I opened it and suddenly, the whole room shone! Golden overknees! I was jumping with joy! I had only seen such boots on science fiction shows before. At first, I tried them on with a pair of jeans, but somehow this combination seemed a tad bit boring. I had to grab a hold of my arcanum superhine! vinyl pants. Vinyl with vinyl – what a match! I voluntarily support the trend of strapless blouses – and the outfit was complete.

Lackhose SuperShine! Arcanum made by Christina Striewski

Shop the Look – Click on the picture Arcanum vinyl oants supershine!

Lackhose made by Christina mit Overknees

Christina – VanillaPearl in golden overknees und vinyl pants SuperShine! by Arcanum

Lackhose made by Christina

Klick on the picture  – shop the look – Arcanum vinyl pants SuperShine!


Christina – VanillaPearl – Fashion Designer of Arcanum

It`s fun flabbergasting people.  Conversation must stop when you enter the room. If you see jaws dropping, we have reached our goal.

Being striking and brilliant cheers people up – most people at least and the tightlipped bitches shall keep on bitching!

How many extravagant items are in your wardrobe? A pair of vinyl pants or maybe two? A leather skirt or an especially striking leather jacket? Off the hook shoes or a crazy handbag?

If we dare to dress strikingly, we show courage and strength. We stick out from the crowd and set trends. Start with details. Maybe some extravagant jewellery or a shiny top.

Up it a bit every day. You will see how much fun you will have with this. Don`t miss out on the joy of a shiny performance. After all, stars shine, too! Why shouldn`t we make our surroundings shine by shining and glowing?

Make statements by implementing new ideas and reinacting yourself.

Maybe this article will inspire you. If so, leave me a comment or share it on facebook, I`m looking forward to it!

Show yourself and glow!

Life is fun!

Yours truly,


Where can I find those babies?

Vinyl pants by Arcanum – Designer Christina / VanillaPearl

Overknees – Poison Over The Knees by Public Desire

Strapless blouse by Rick Cardona- New York at Heine