Spectacular Shine in Black and Gold

Christina mit schwarzer Lackhose in Porec
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit schwarzer Lackhose in Porec Kroatien

Let`s make fall shine!

Which steps towards freedom have you taken lately?

Do you shape your surroundings or do they shape you?

As I`m one for a healthy lifestyle, I suggest you inhale much more deeply than you used to. Breathe so deeply you can burst the shackles that clench your chest.


Shine means freedom to me, shine means being able to breathe. Glamor means freeing yourself from compulsion. Glamor creates light. Light creates happiness. Glamor represents induvidualism, which is something we`re in urgent need of.

Often, we only realize we got caught up in the vortex   of the daily hustle when it`s too late.

As we are habitual creatures, we only feel safe and sound if every day happens the same way. We`re happy if we can reach into our closet without thinking and grab something similar every day. After all, it`s exhausting to be different. If you`re striking, you feel a bit naked. You expose yourself. You polarize. Someone out there in the world might be against you. It`s getting interesting.

Every one craves diversity. Everyne wants to set themselves apart a bit and no one wants to get out of their comfort zone. But how can something new arise like that? A slight pinch of risk is the salt that seasons our life. A bit of fun and joy spice up our daily lives. Let`s start changing a bit, in this way, our surroundings will start to change aswell. Praying on the sofa will not bring about change.

So get out into the daylight and shine and glow like a comet in its brightest phase.

Praise the lord, finally people have something to marvel at. The moment has come. Enjoy being striking!

Stay shiny and unique

Yours truly


Christina Striewski vanilla pearl with golden vinyl leggings in Porec Croatia

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  • RMS says:

    Indeed – that element of risk and daring gives life its zest. Spicing up one’s look and style, revealing more of your inner personality is not for the faint of heart, but the joy of self expression is certainly worth it!

  • Ambrosia Da Luna says:

    You certainly are an icon! Find your images and blogs so positive, joyful and inspirational! Can’t thank you enough for the positive energy that you share. It is very much appreciated.