Show your true shiny colors!

Christina with vinyl pants from Arcanum
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with blue vinyl pants from Arcanum and a yellow vinyl top and overknees

Here`s why you should start to shine today

A lot of males write me and ask me how they can get their wife to wear shiny clothes.

Many women think it`s indecent.

Many don`t dare to be striking.

There are even women who get upset because their husbands are into shiny women.

These 3 reasons might just persuade you to wear shiny fashion.

With my blog, I have changed the view on shiny fashion of many men and women.

I don`t know if it works for you, but it`s worth a try!

And I promise you one thing! Fun is a given!

Are you in? Then read on!

Don`t feel like it? Then keep reading anyway and have a good smirk!

Two years ago, I was the only one among my circle of friends who was wearing shiny clothes when going out. I was labeled as extravagant.

Yet, they were curious and drawn to the shiny items. They didn`t take our company Arcanum –live shiny seriously. I was sneered at.


I believe in shiny fashion!

One year ago, the first girlfriends came at me asking for leather pants. Rather matte, not shiny.

And then?

This year, they all demand the shiny version of the pants.

Let alone the men…They are bombarding me!

Here are the 3 reasons why YOU should wear shiny fashion:

  1. Look at the latest magazines. What are the celebs walking around in? They are ALL wearing leather and vinyl pants. Why don`t we do the same? The magazine LeatherCelebrities shows us.
  2. A pair of shiny pants should not be missing in your closet, because it`s a great change from jeans. It hugs your figure and gives you a cool and also elegant touch.
  3. Shiny fashion is like a ray of sunshine in our sometimes dull environment. We spread cheerfulness when dressing shiny.It`s like a smile. Let`s create our own universe together in which cheerfulness and fun are at the top of the list.

I`m not one for mediocrity and frustration and I love shaping my surroundings. It`s in our hands. My shiny clothes are a symbol of cheerfulness and independence.

Come join me on my journey. I keep walking one step towards personal freedom every day. It means a lot to me. I shape, I don`t let myself be shaped. I shine and make my surroundings shine.

Join in and together, we will fill our surroundings with light and splendor. Every single one of us will turn into a ray of light that becomes larger every day.

I`m looking forward to you.

Yours truly



Shop the style:

  • Blue viny pants by Arcanum, similar here
  • Black sweater available at Modefein Fashion Store in Starnberg.
  • Yellow vinyl top, prototype made by Christina
  • Yellow overknees by CAPE ROBBIN


Christina with blue vinyl pants

Christina in vinyl

Christina in vinyl




  • CME says:

    That blue is a fantastic color! I wish someone made PVC-look pants that color for men.

    I wore my dark red PVC-look to the office today. No one said anything, probably because they are so used to me wearing unusual things that they hardly notice when I wear anything bold anymore. To really shock them, I could wear a pair of gray cotton dress trousers; at this point, that is the most surprising thing I could wear to work.

    Getting my wife interested in wearing anything remotely bold is tough. I’ve mostly learned to accept that it isn’t who she is, not that I give up hope. It’s not just with clothes; in general, she’s not a person who likes attention. I, on the other hand, love attention, even though I try not to be obnoxious or arrogant about it.

    I do imagine for many people it’s a gradual process to enjoy wearing shiny clothes. One might start with black coated jeans, then a more leathery-looking pair of coated jeans, then matte leather pants, then shinier leather pants, then PVC or something like that. Maybe some people make a sudden jump into shiny clothes. I know that isn’t my own experience though.

    • Thank you very much for the nice words. I am proud of you that you love to wear shiny clothes.The blue one is for men too. Take a look at the shop. You can find the blue vinyl pants in jeans size 32 and 34.
      Perhaps your wife will be interested in this fashion in a little while. I know many women who did not like shiny fashion in the beginning. This changed after a while because now you can see vinyl everywhere. Times are changing.

      I wish you the very best. Thank you again for your comment,

      Big hug,