Shiny prospects for the future

Christina in Santa Marina Croatia
Leatherpants made by Christina Striewski Vanillapearl for Arcanum

The future leads the way to individuality and freedom.

For 25 years, I have been designing shiny clothes. Significant changes have taken place in the last 20 years and I am more than convinced that change will be unstoppable in the future aswell.

Gender roles are changing. Men are wearing more and more shiny fashion without being associated with prejudice. A new kind of freedom is arising.

What does freedom mean? Freedom means the right to be individual. To be unique.

Being able to shine any time of day and any place.

Meanwhile, my first public appearances in vinyl have me smirking….Just a few years ago, I felt really uneasy and nervous and was afraid of prejudice. Nothing of the sort happened, though! On the opposite! Most folks were happy. Some just stared in amazement, but most were happy about the glamour. We don`t need to hide any more. New doors are opening and in the future, anyone will be able to step towards their own personal freedom.

I get a lot of mails from guys who tell me about their concerns and experiences. On the one hand, about their public appearance in leather pants or vinyl pants, on the other hand, about their girlfriends` reactions to them. Many face resentment from their partners, which is something I can`t relate to.

Anyone should have the right to wear what they like.

Shiny clothes are in, old views are out!

Future means giving things room to grow and develop, no matter in which direction. Restrictions like alleged rules or dresscodes will disappear one by one over time.

A new form of individuality will arise.

Both men and women want to dress strong and independent. Boundaries will become blurred lines.

The definition of male and female will change. My last 3 years of blogging have pointed out this trend.

Men ask me how to get their girlfriends to wear shiny clothes.

Men ask me how to convince their women to accept they way they dress.

Women ask me what to think of their men dressing in vinyl.

Men tell me about their desires to dress shiny, but are scared of the public.

These shackles are busted by a new consciousness and a new openness.

Genders will be able to redefine.

A new awareness is arising.

There will be an end to pigeonholing.

You won`t have to prove yourself by conforming to certain criteria with the way you dress any more.

In the future, men will have the freedom to become more female, which means they can show their other side hidden within.

Women have already walked this path and can be as female or as male as they want to be.

Each human being has an innate tendency to individuality. We all want to set ourselves apart from the rest, at least a little bit. The desire to be part of a group can be fulfilled even if your way of dressing is extravagant.

Extravagance will be the new normal in the future.

What does extravagance mean? Extravagance is dervied from the Latin word „extravagans“ meaning:

“consciously deviating in an unusual or in a fanciful or exaggerated way and thus striking”

Every one of us has something in them or about them that sets them apart from all the rest. Stressing these details will be the signpost of the future. We will stage ourselves even more in order to be noticed in this overstimulated world.

Being unique and yet a part of this world will recreate a new image of each of us.

Art will me more important than ever! Art is the common lingua franca that unites the world.

Creativity means creating new things, something unheard of in a world where everything already exists.

This is the fantastic thing about creation. Everyone is unique and can stage themselves more and more in the future, express themselves and amaze and thrill people.

Isn`t it exciting and fascinating to walk on these paths and to continue to rediscover and reinvent yourself and others over and over?

The world is growing closer and closer. New groups are springing up, in which we can live out our togetherness and individuality.

Here`s to the future!

Future means the arrival after what has been. Let`s give it a hearty welcome and look forward to shiny, exciting people that inspire us. And just the same way, we will inspire others.

Your glamorous appearance will be a statement. A statement for freedom, happiness, joy and to taking pleasure in being shiny..

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