Shiny prospects for Easter !!!

Yelleow easter pvc dress made by Christina
yellow vinyl skirt made by Christina Striewski Vanillapearl

How to turn Easter sunday into a highlight using only a few small tricks!

Who is coming for a visit on Easter? Parents, sibblings, kids or friends?

Same procedure every year?

Do you have the same meal every time?

How about putting some comph in it and changing it up a bit? You could start by dressing shiny and matching the colored eggs that you have rubbed with oil to make them shine.

For as long as I have had children, we have been coloring eggs using spices, onion peel, red beet roots and so forth….

On Easter Sunday, all the relatives stroll around in the garden and the kids hunt for Easter nests. At 11 am, we propose a toast and at 1 pm we have a family quarrel.

Meanwhile, my kids have grown up and the situation has completely changed.

As our environment changes, we should change some details aswell.

This is how we spice it up again and make this day special once again.

This year, I decided to go with yellow vinyl. To match the yellow chicks on the table, the yellow daffodils and the yellow tablecloth, I want to dress in yellow, too. But of course it has to be shiny. Otherwise it doesn’t tingle.

You don’t even have to hug grandma in vinyl, but maybe in a light-colored pair of leather pants? Or in a light-colored leather skirt?

When we have fun, it`s contagious for our environment.

Because pricking eggs and eating salmon is much more fun in a hot outfit.

Amaze others!

Be creative and stage yourself, your surroundings and your food.

Let everything melt into one, turning every bite into a culinary and visual event.

The caviar is black and shiny and reminds me of black vinyl.

Nobody needs to read your mind.

The salmon bites feel as slippery in your mouth as your pants do.

A touch of eroticism becomes even the Easter bunny.

Thrill it with your appearance, then it might bring you even more eggs.

You just have to grab them.

Wishing you a fun and shiny Easter,

Yours truly, Christina

  • Tim Woolhead says:

    Yellow is the colour of Spring, vibrant and bright to counter the dark days of Winter, Your smile Christina makes the world brighter too. Your choice is perfect and love reading your inspirational words. Sounds like a perfect Easter in your household, all the very best Tim x