Shiny Happy Men – 5 Reasons why Men Should be Shiny

Christina and friends with vinyl pants
Christina Striewski vanilla pearl with vinyl pants from Arcanum

How to find your own style and show it, too!

I open my eyes and wonder whether I`m dead.

The color of my surroundings has changed completely. Am I in heaven? Should I rejoice? I feel zero-g and free.

There` s a bang. Did I land in hell?

Boom! The porch door slams shut. I wake up.

This dream makes me wonder. Why dont we feel like we are on cloud 9 on earth and feel free and easy?

Which kind of glasses are we wearing? Did we put them on ourselves?  All that thinking makes us heavy. We don`t dare to allow our visions to take their course.

We adapt. We push our desires away. We function.

Enough of that!

Do you have an individual streak?

Do you often find yourself worrying about your public appearance?

Then you`re in the right place.

With a few simple exercises, you can rid yourself of the shackles of conformism and put on your very own set of glasses.

  • 1. Change your viewpoint! Not others determine your life, but YOU! Change your attitude! It`s the same with the kingdom of animals. If you don`t position yourself correctly, you go down and won`t be noticed. I had to learn the same myself and still I ask myself on a daily basis: Where am I? Where do I want to go? Who do I want to be?
  • 2. Stop worrying about what others might think. It`s irrelevant. Life is too short to fret about it. A reader from the US wrote me that he went to church on a Sunday in red leather pants and people busted with excitement. Finally a cool color and a cool look. See, reactions are often much more positive than expected.
  • 3. Be modern and make statements. Times are changing faster than we think. If we don`t move with the times, we become obsolete. So, away with the old clothes, in with new, fresh and bold styles.
  • 4.Show yourself! A little more every day. You should be worth it. Practise! And shine! Start with details. It may be shiny shoes or a shiny shirt. Walk a small step further towards a shiny life with personal freedow every day. You will be able to breathe more easily every day.All that matters is that you walk a s small step EVERY DAY.
  • 5. Be a role model for others! You`re not the only one into shiny fashion. Over 50% of our pants are worn by guys. I get many mails from guys that are totally crazy about this kind of fashion. So, help those that don`t dare to wear it yet. Show others how to shine in public like  Çağatay Ulusoy, a  Turkish actor and model for example.

Together we will put on our very own set of glasses and see the world with different eyes. Not just in heaven, but right here on earth.

Shine now!

Live now!

Take a deep breath and start now!

Yours truly



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Christina Vanillapearl with black vinyl pants from Arcanum

Christina with black vinyl pants from Arcanum

Christina with black vinyl pants from Arcanum

  • Joe says:

    Love the tender, intimate and wholesome nature of the last photo above~

  • Frank says:

    My wife loves it a lot when I wear vinyl pants or vinyl jacket. She always tells me how much she loves touching and feeling the shiny smoothness of my vinyl clothes. For her nothing makes her more excited than the combination of brightness and softness added to the delicious sounds that the vinyl emits when moved. So it seems that vinyl is not just a beautiful outfit to be enjoyed just by our sight, it is also made to be enjoyed by all our senses: sight, touch, hearing, etc.

    • Dear frank, Thank you very much for your inspiring comment. You are so right. This material is really cult and I am very happy that more and more people appreciate vinyl. Have a shiny day with a lot of magic moments and keep up your great taste concerning fashion.

  • JJ says:

    Christina, I really agree with your opinion on the way we should consider the way we wear.
    I feel many, many people feel attracted to the shiny materials, and publicity designers and pop stars take good advantage of this. If you want to make an impression, wear PVC, latex or leather!
    But the sad thing is that most people feel deterred from wearing like that because “it will make a woman look like a slut and a man like a faggot” (sic)
    In the case of ladies this seems to be changing and nowadays the leather look leggings are a staple in every wardrobe.
    In the case of gentlemen we are much behind and the fact that many shops seem to be focused in niche markets for certain collectives doesn’t help.
    No, you do not have to be a biker, a heavy metal musician, or a homosexual to be allowed the enjoyment of shiny, non-textile clothes.

    On the other hand, I firmly believe you cannot have too much of a good thing and then the fashion advice that you shouldn’t go for a total look in leather, latex or pvc is nonsensical to me.
    It would be wonderful if we dared to dress as we wish and then it would be easy to find like-minded people. It is not just about the looks, it is about a whole attitude towards life, of going for what we like regardless of what the others may say; it is about being ourselves.
    And there is no better thing you can be than being yourself!

    With much admiration,

    (For the casual reader here, who feels the impulse to try but really does not dare, remember that the best way to change things is beginning with yourself). Every time one more of us dares to try, more and more people will see it and do the same us!

    • Thank you very much for your wonderful comment. You are so right and I hope very much that it will be easier and easier and more and more normal to wear shiny outfits. I think we all have to make the start and be an idol for the others like you are. I wish you good luck. You are on the right way, Thank you,
      Yours Christina