Shiny Fireworks

Christina with blue vinyl pants from Arcanum in Munich
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with blue vinyl pants in Munich

How much glamor have you shown the world in 2018?

How much joy did you spread in 2018? How often did you laugh? How often did you bring tears to someone`s eyes? 

I am thankful and overwhelmed by your support!

In 2018 glamour has literally exploded! 

All the guests to our party wore at least one shiny item of clothing, male and female! I am thrilled.

Together, we are making a statement for joy, creativity and love. It`s a statement against bad moods, pessimism, nagging and bickering. The world is a better place without these kind of people.

We`re all in the same boat. The world is becoming smaller and smaller, destinations are more and more accessible and there is a growing number of people on this planet. 

What does this mean? We have to stick together.

Bikering on Noah`s Arch isn`t helping anyone if you criticize, at least come up with a solution!

I don`t care that my great mood os considered superficial by some. I try to smile even when I am really down. This is how I get myself out of the hole. My parents have been practising this for years and and are in turn fit and happy despite their age. They, too, face the future with optimism, shine brightly, laugh and have no fear. 

I thank you for your unbelievable support, for all your fantastic comments on instagram and facebook, 7 days a week, so almost 365 days a year!!!

Your support supplies me with energy, creativity, pure joy and I see meaning in my work. 

And to think that it started out with just a few pants that I designed. I didn`t think about it much. 

And then something wonderful happened. A cult arose. These clothes became a symbol. A symbol of joy, happiness and togetherness. Now, it all makes sense.

I wish you a splendid start into the year of 2019 and I can`t wait to show you new creations and styles and to spread a good vibe, every day. Flowers need to be watered every day, too, after all. You are my flowers and I feel privileged that you show me attention.

Party hard, shine hard and be wild! This is the new normal!

Yours truly


Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with blue vinyl leggings by Arcanum

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  • Wallflower says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. I think I shall make a New Years resolution to dare myself into trying a pair of shiny jeans this year. Why not?

  • wallflower says:

    It is so nice to see someone making a success of doing something creative that they really enjoy. I enjoy reading your upbeat posts and I hope the new year brings you much joy and continued success!