Set the roof on fire with this material mix!

Vinyl pants made by Christina Striewski
Vinyl pants made by Christina Striewski Vanillapearl Arcanum

How neoprene, vinyl, velvet and silk can turn into a happening  you can`t live without!

I love to experiment.

I love taking it a step further every day.

It all started out with vinyl.

A shiny vinyl body with a pair of jeans, combined with a posh blazer. Et voilà ! A spectacular evening outfit.

Glamour spread and spread. The vinyl pants were born.

Meanwhile, I have created endless outfits to go with those vinyl pants, see instagram.

Then came the vinyl trench. An amazing coat that goes with anything –anywhere.

However, I was still searching for the ultimate experience.

As always, it was my husband Ralph who discovered the ultimate kind of fabric:

Vinyl coated neoprene!

I was mesmerized. Three days later, the short jacket was finished. Its fit is perfect. It`s shiny and a bit thicker and it even keeps you warm in a cold storm.

I could barely restrain my enthusiasm and wanted to start an shiny fotoshoot immediately.

Totally spaced out, I matched the vinyl outfit with my velvet ancle boots and a silk blouse. This was unheard of!

Christina in Novigrad Croatia Vinylpants made by Christina

Vinyl pants made by Christina Vanillapearl Arcanum Vinyljacket made by Christina Croatia Novigrad


What would you like to try?

Imagine you could mount a throne right now which was created for you only.

You are the queen/king in your surroundings. Everyone is at your feet. You are everybody`s role model. Everyone is admiring you and wants to be like you.

You set the trends. Today is your birthday. How would you organize it? There are no limits.

What would you wear? What`s  for dinner? How will you decorate the surroundings? Which kind of music will you play?

What will your friends wear?

It will be an electrifying party. You will dance all night long. The next morning, you wake up and realize it was a dream.

Was it, really? The jewelry is still on your arms. And your clothes are real, too. Your feet are hurting from dancing and you are smirking.

Smirking, because you will make your dream come true. There is no limit to your creativity.

Make yourself the queen/king of your life.

The respect and admiration you show yourself will spread to others.

Start with details. Maybe it`s  those velvet shoes that make you dance your way into heaven. Or a pair of shiny pants you show off nicely with a bougie silk blouse. And before you set off the fireworks, put on that leather jacket!

The roof will be on fire! You will take off!

If you manage to transfer just one little part of your visions and dreams into reality, you will have made it!

Your every day life will shine brighter!

You will get closer to your dream step by step.

Look at yourself now. Imagine your favorite outfit.

Does what you are wearing resemble what you dream of?

If not, get up now and put on a shiny shirt. Or some jewelry. Maybe put a few rings on your finger?

Smile, show some enthusiasm for yourself. You carry responsibility by being a role model to others. You set trends.

People will follow you.  You lead the way to a shiny world with fun and joy.

What are you doing tonight? I`m sure it will be a special night.

Start preparing for your royal event.

Yours truly,