Santa Baby – Christmas Message 2018

Christina in Weihnachtsstimmung
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit goldenem Wintermantel von Arcanum

Santa Baby, slip a sablé under the tree, for me,

not the fur, I`m talking `bout French patisserie

Been an awful good girl, Santa baby,

and hurry down the chimney tonight!

Santa baby, a BMW i8 too, dark blue,

I`ll wait up for you dear

Santa baby, I want a mansion right by the sea,

and Boris Kodjoe under the sheets with me
Been an angel all year
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight

Santa honey, one thing that I really do need, the deed
to my café called „Cake by the ocean“,

so get your butt in motion tonight!

Santa cutie, fill my stocking with eternal youth, Santa Cutie,

make sure that you throw in some health and some beauty…

la la la la….

On a more serious note though…

Cursing again because you`re stuck in traffic?

Or feeling lucky to have a car at all?

Mad because the faucet is stuck for the 5th time in a row or are you happy that you have unlimited access to clean drinking water?

Complaining about your stressful job? Your old house? This is only possible because after all, you even have both!

Catch yourself complaining about the kids again? Be glad you have some. When you were a kid, you didn`t appreciate your parents` love and now it`s your turn.

A closet full of nothing to wear? Drive to a refugee shelter and give it away, because obviously, you dont ´t have too few, you have too many! I do this regularly, and it`s a win-win for both.

Don`t like what`s for dinner? Fix your own!

Single and hating it? Obviousuly, you don`t want love bad enough or you wouldn`t always pass up on the kind girls/guys and instead fall for the heartbreakers because deep down even you yourself  don`t think you deserve a good woman/guy.

A huge fridge full of food but nothing yummy in it? Can you imagine how sweet a potato or a bowl of rice taste when you have been tubefed for months in the hospital sick with cancer or because there is not enough food in your country?

Are you losing your mind because the wifi isn`t working again or are you thankful for not living in a war zone where the power is limited to a few hours daily? Have you forgotten the healing sound of silence?

Can`t get yourself to work out or take a walk? Be thankful, that you`re healthy enough to be able to work out and appreciate nature.

Are you lighting up your next cigarette like a hedonist or like a dope fiend and not even thinking about stopping? After all, you`re feeling grand! The chain smoker with 30% lung function that is hooked to an oxygen machine awaiting transplantation hasn`t fazed you? Only people who never smoked die of lung cancer anyway, right?

We have to remind ourselves every day how lucky we are to walk freely without shackles, in possession of a lucid mind, to be able to speak our mind without threats and repercussions, to be blessed with a healthy body.

Treat your body and those who love you like a temple, nothing and noone is for granted. Live every day like it`s your last. One day, it might well be.

And remember, every day without laughter is a wasted day. Don`t take yourself too seriously.

Think about others who are on the dark side of life.  Spread some light! Be shiny with Arcanum fashion! Make someone smile!

This reminds me of a little story. Last summer, while in my favorite home deco store, I watched a young employee who was busily cleaning the shelves being put down harshly by her superior. I didn`t hesitate, bought one of the store`s chocolates saying „You are unique!“ and slipped it into her hands when leaving with the words „Don`t let anyone put you down!“ I`ll never forget her happy look, it meant more than a thousand words and I felt my heart jump with joy.

I have started challenging myself. Calling myself out on my crap. Living consciously. Appreciating the power of the moment. Despite and because of my chronic pain. Being thankful for little things. Trust me, it`s not always easy, but oh so rewarding. I believe it contributes to universal karma.

Peace of heart, mind and soul. Bless you all.


Yours truly

Habibti Alhambra


  • Wallflower says:

    I really like your site and your bright happy philosophy, not to mention the classy and fun way you put together those shiny outfits. You really do create a genuine sense of fun and joie de vivre. That is rare and nice to see. I would love to be able to do that, be so joyous and expressive in fashion – not so easy if you’re a guy, though, sadly.