Power Jackets are Here!

Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit blauer Kunstlederjacke von Arcanum
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit blauer Kunstlederjacke und grauer Lackhose, beides von Arcanum

We`re kicking things off with royal blue!

We´re starting into spring with power and colors. As soon as we`re not locked up any more, there will be an explosion of styles. Just as the buds in the yard explode, we will explode.

What will your explosion be like? How will you show your happiness about your newfound freedom?

Finally, spring is here. Finally, it`s getting brighter. All we need now is a bit of patience, then we`ll be able to slip out of our cocoons like a butterfly.

Show yourself and shine and radiate and spread good spirits. I`m shining any minute, even when I`m home alone. I feel like sparkling champagne when I`m wearing cheerful outfits. They give me energy and joy. They`re like the icing on the cake of the positive vibes that come from within. As you could already read in my article „It`s all right here“, we shouldn`t be too  modest about our wishes…these thoughts are with me daily. You feel as if you were your very own altar. This has an effect on us. After all, you do feel different when you dress like a star. When you`re wearing scroungy clothes, you feel plain.

We definitely should go boredom-free after quarantine.

I`m looking forward to reading from you in your comments about you and your thoughts about a spring explosion.

Stay unique and shiny,

Yours truly


Shop the style:

Blue fake leather jacket by  Arcanum, also for men

Grey vinyl leggings by Arcanum, for men aswell, of course

Bag by Modafein Fashion Store in Starnberg

Pink high heels by Modafein

Shades by Modafein