Pimp up Your Style!!!

Christina in Kapstadt
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit Lederhose von Arcanum in Kapstadt

Fresh combinations for your vinyl pants!

What`s your motto for 2019?

What would you like to change?

Are you in search of a new spark or are you sheepishly following the flock?

This couldn`t possibly be true, though, or else you wouldn`t be here!

The question is how to set trends if you don`t know which ones? Often enough, I find myself staring uninspiredly and haphazardly.

I skipped through Vogue 5 times and didn`t feel a rush. Max Mara is for sheeps, Phillip Plein on the other hand kind of makes me wake up. What are we really after? I`d like to set trends, spread joy and create a style of my own. But how? By observation! Watch yourself. What do you do and why do you do it? Who are you? It`s a lot more complex than we think. There`s a lot more to discover about yourself than you can possibly imagine. All those life coaches just really try to lead us down a very narrow path…if you do X…then X will happen….Aaah!

Maybe there are several answers to one question. Maybe only we ourselves can answer all those questions. Maybe we can change the answer by looking at things differently. Maybe it`s the way you think it is. Maybe you are changing your surroundings by thinking differently. Our aquarium is much larger than we suspect. There are a lot more colors, scents and the chaos all makes sense because you recognize it. Who is to say what`s right or wrong? Who is to say what we are supposed to wear? Who determines your path? YOU!

This is fantastic! Show it by setting trends. You bring out the main points. You determine what`s hot.

My inspiration for today is bright, shiny and happy. This is what I feel like. And thanks to you I feel more and more reassured  to trust my intuition. Will you come join us on our way into our shiny dimension where we set the tone and call the shots?

I`m looking forward to you!

Yours truly,


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Christina Striewski with leather pants from Arcanum in Capetown
  • RMS says:

    I always enjoy your columns – so jaunty and upbeat and encouraging. As I continue to open up, dare to explore and discover my own sense of style – having not dared to do so for many years – I like coming here to find encouragement. And I always do. You’re quite right, it really is a journey of self discovery and it becomes all the more enjoyable if/when you travel expectantly and with a healthy curiosity and acceptance. I have certainly embraced shiny and colourful as part of my own developing personal style – indeed now I can’t believe it took me so long to give it a whirl. It is such fun and so liberating.

    And you’re quite right – who is to say what is wrong or right, when it comes to fashion and our own personal sense of style? Why can’t guys wear shiny vinyl? We can! I’m doing it and loving it and plan o finding some more ways to express this really chic style. Thanks again for your inspiration!

    • Thank you very much for these fantastic words. You make me very happy because I can see that my words reach people like you. You are a big motivation for many men. Keep up your great style. I am proud of you. I wish you a happy and shiny day,
      Yours Christina

  • Karsten says:

    I am one of the guys who have caught the “shiny-bug”, the last year I have only been wearing shiny pants.
    But I think it has come to up the shiny game, so i’m gonna copy your styles more, I think i need colored vinyl pants (I only have 2 in black) and I also think shiny heels and boots is the way to go. (Maybe even a vinyl skirt).
    Thanks for giving me the shiny-bug

    • Thank you very much for your comment. I am very happy that you like to wear shiny pants. In the next weeks we are going to produce red and white vinyl pants and gray faux leather pants.
      I wish you a happy week,
      Best regards,