Oh, You Shiny Christmas Season!

Christina with a golden winter coat from Arcanum
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl with a golden winter coat from Arcanum

Let`s shine brightly like the stars in the sky

Can you be seen whe you`re walking around in the darkness? Or does the night swallow you whole, because it can`t differenciate between you and the black of the night? Lately, It`s been getting dark at 4pm already.

Why don`t we bring light into this time? We shine from within and from without. I am happy when I see smiling people with joyful clothes. It brightens up my mood. And that makes sense.

If you put a magic smile on just one person`s face, you win. Bingo, you`ll get 3 rubber points.

On a more serious note though, we reap what we sow. Double and triplefold. Smile, and you will get lucky. Smile, and you will chase away the darkness. Shine, and  you will chase the darkness away. Laugh and face life with faith in God. Together, we can give a lot of joy.

So, pimp up your wardrobe and finally be striking. After all, you need to be seen in order to spread some joy. Never mind what the haters say. Ain`t no stopping us now, on the opposite, the naggers are our instigators. Whoever nags about my clothes, is uninteresting. Indirecly, he or she is advertising for me, because he is talking about me. After all we know that you can only be great when you polarize.

I stopped trying to please everyone. It just won`t work. There is always someone who finds fault with you. So why hide any longer?

I focus on the thrill, not the bickering. The thrill of very many people lately makes me float and gives me the energy to go on every day.


That`s why I am so much more happy every day when light and luster spread.

What`s shiny about you? I believe you that you`re smiling, but what are you wearing? It`s quarter past 3. When I go out at 4, will I see you glow in the dark?

Put a spotlight on your stage, even when you`re just parking the car.

Be unique and shine!

Yours truly


Christina with a golden winter coat from Arcanum

Christina with a golden winter coat from Arcanum

golden wintercoat by Arcanum

black vinyl pants by Arcanum

  • Wallflower says:

    Looks like such fun. Wish I dared…

    • Thank you very much, I wish you more and more courage to wear such outfits.there are more and more guys who dare to wear shiny styles. The trend cannot be stopped. I wish you all the best, Christina

      • Wallflower says:

        Thank you! I think I shall make a New Years resolution to follow your splendid example. Thanks for the inspiration.

      • Wallflower says:

        I am really enjoying reading your upbeat and joyous posts. They are inspiring, as is the way you present your shiny styles. It makes the idea of taking this big step to the shiny side of life seem really quite possible…even probable!

        • Thank you very much for the very nice comments. It makes me very happy to see such a positive reaction. I wish you all the best for 2019 and I hope that you will enjoy this year with more and more moments wearing shiny jeans.

          • RMS says:

            Well you inspired me. Thanks to your wonderfully upbeat and encouraging posts I’ve actually gone and done it – bought myself a pair of shiny black vinyl jeans – and I absolutely love them! I feel like I am being me. I should have done this years ago. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!

          • Thank you very much for the comment. It makes me very happy that you bought the black vinyl pants. This a statement for happiness and positive energy. I wish you a wonderful year 2019 with a lot of shiny moments.

  • Theo Hess says:

    Du siehst traumhaft geil aus, Gratulation TED