Listen to Your Heart!

Christina mit schwarzer Lackhose von Arcanum
Christina Striewski Vanillapearl mit schwarzer Lackhose von Arcanum

5 simple steps to build a bridge from your heart to your mind

Do you sometimes feel you`re schizo, too?


I wake up in the morning and I think I will conquer the world with my fantastic ideas. Suddenly it hits me and I know exactly how. I jot everything down in a total frenzy and start implementing it step by step.


By noon, I think it`s all crap! All of my ideas are so far fetched.

At 17.00, I hit rock bottom for the day. Reality hits too hard. My head hurts, my eyes burn. My visions that were a stone`s throw away this morning seem to fade into infinity. A quick look at my bank account confirm my enraged mind.

Who`s right? My heart or my mind?

Why are there two souls fighting inside omy chest that are on complete collision course?

Christina with vinyl pants from Arcanum

Who will win this fight?

The mind, of course! I slow down.

1 plus 1 = 2 and not 47 !

I get myself together.

I become quiet.

I come to my senses.

I check off my chores.

I`m satisfied when the crazy wild boar inside of me finally quiets down.

Christina with vinyl pants from Arcanum

Tranquility comes upon me.

Peace comes upon me.

This state lasted for 3 days. On day 4, the voice returned.

What does it want? I tried to distract myself. I continued working. My heart starts pounding. Sweat on my forehead. I have to laugh. I feel tingly all over.

Now I can undertsand the sirens` voice better:

“Use your mind to implement your heart`s visions!”

Was this the angel or the devil inside me talking? And who`s the angel? The mind? Or the heart?

„Both“, the voice is whispering. „Get up and go!“ it tells me. „Where to?“ I ask. „To the table you will write down all your visions on!“

And I did just that. Now, the ideas were at least on paper.

I backed away and distracted myself with work. Over the course of the next days, the crazy images popped back up, but this time in a different manner. They became more concrete.

Again, I wrote down the new thoughts and images. And again, I took my distance.

It went on like this for 3 weeks.

Then my husband and I founded our fashion company Arcanum.

A dream from a far distance became reality. My heart and my mind joined up to be friends.

Here is your signpost to help you turn your seemingly crazy visions into reality.

-1. Listen! Listen to YOURSELF!

What are the desires lurking deep inside of you?

     Believe in yourself!

-2. Write down all visions and desires, no matter how crazy they seem!

-3. Take your distance and occupy yourself with other things. Your subconscious will busily keep on scheming!

-4. Write down your thoughts again after a few days and repeat this process every few days for about 3 weeks.

-5. As soon as you have elaborated on every detail of your desire, you can start implementing.

What do you need for it?

Who do you need?

Ask anyone who could help! Don`t hesitate!

    Walk a small step towards your dream every day! No matter how small. Take it every day!

Have you found you inner glow?

Do you hear the sirens` voices? Is the devil nibbling on your ear?

Is your blood pressure rising?

Do you feel stage fright?

Then you`re in the right place!

Here we go!

Be exciting and stay that way!

Yours truly,


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Christina with vinyl pants from Arcanum